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Andy Bole
Of Blue Splendour
|| 2013 || £7.00 USD  EUR  JPY  + p+p +tax
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Spacey, Gongy, Araby, Groovy, Boley....

Another delicious gently swirling helping of Andy Bole, this time with a little help from some friends including Gong's daevid allen and Ian East, and Jah Buddha. From the intertwining, ascending Gliss guitar and Viola of the title track, through the somehow Cowboy tinged, Arabesque, Happy Trails-ish 'Hold My Unchanging Hand', via the delicate, strange yet familiar soundscapes of 'As Splendid As The Moon', to the bubbling, synthy, sax-embroidered 'Gem Palace' it's a joy from beginning to end.

Also available from Andy Bole: The Glorious Event, Sonic Boom

Jewel-case, 2 page colour booklet with a cover by Mandala creator, Jo Thirlwind.

Tracks: [52'00"]
  1. Of Blue Splendour 9'40" listen in 1'30" | 1.6MB
  2. Hold My Unchanging Hand 2'58" listen in 0'29" | 692kb
  3. As Splendid As The Moon 12'20" listen in 1'35" | 2.2MB
  4. 9/8 Dance 0'23"
  5. Dawn 4'51"
  6. The Gem Palace 10'21" listen in 1'08" | 1MB
  7. Fradley Junction 3'36"
  8. Turn Six Degrees 4'01"
  • Andy Bole {Guitars, bouzouki, mandolin, looper, e-bow gliss, marimba, percussion}
  • daevid allen {Glissando guitar trk 1}
  • Salene {Viola trk 1}
  • Jah Buddha {Synth trks 2,3}
  • Ian East {Sax trk 6}
  • Rich Om {Synth trk 6}
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