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Camembert Electrique
Snapper SNAP 009CD || (1971) || £6.81 USD  EUR  JPY  + p+p +tax
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(Sorry, unavailable. BYG version available)

The inspiring total madness of early Gong.

Many original fans' 1971 introduction to the Planet Gong. Want to know why they have become such a long-lived cult band? Then try this spacey, surreal, (dadaist even) collection of prime European psychedelia, there's nothing like it. In just about everybody's top ten list of psychedelic albums.

Note: Unfortunately, the only way the musicians will benefit in any way from sales of this release is if you buy it here - otherwise they can expect no royalties on sales or publishing.

Tracks: [39'47]
  1. Radio Gnome
  2. You Can't Kill Me
  3. I've Bin Stone Before
  4. Mister Long Shanks/O Mother/I Am Your Fantasy
  5. Dynamite/I Am Your Animal
  6. Squeezing Sponges Over Policemen's Heads
  7. Fohat Digs Holes In Space
  8. Tried So Hard
  9. Tropical Fish/Selene
  10. Gnome The Second
  • Bert Camembert (daevid allen) {Guitars, Vocals}
  • Bloomdido Bad De Grass (Didier Malherbe) {Saxophones, Flute}
  • Pip Pyle {Drums}
  • Shakti Yoni (Gilli Smyth) {Vocals, Space Whisper}
  • Submarine Captain (Christian Tritsch) {Bass, Lead Guitar on 'Tried so Hard'}
  • Venux Du Luxe (Francis Lindon) {Switch Doctor and Mix Master}
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