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Didier Malherbe & Loy Ehrlich
Tangram TC 30 27 || 1995 || £11.49 USD  EUR  JPY  + p+p +tax
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(Sorry, currently unavailable.)

First of the beautiful Hadouk CDs.

Melodic, organic (just look at the list of intruments!) and quite, quite marvellous. The first of Didier's Hadouk CDs is a pure joy from beginning to end - two master musicians at the height of their craft. Track 7 appears to be named after the French village that saw the open-air 'fire-pit' origins of Gong.

All tracks by Didier Malherbe & Loy Ehrlich

Tracks: [45'35]
  1. Hadouk [4'51]
  2. Vol de nuit [5'14]
  3. Dame de sables [4'24]
  4. Loukoumotive [4'04]
  5. Bal de oiseaux [3'41]
  6. Effarvatte [5'19]
  7. Montaulieu [4'24]
  8. Callibistri [2'34]
  9. Marsyas [5'14]
  10. Caspienne blues [5'44]

  • Didier Malherbe {Doudouk, Ocarinas, Bamboo Clarinette, Bamboo Flûtes, Double Flûte à bec, Soprano Saxophone, Guimbarde, Tombour de bois, Cymbales, Zeff}
  • Loy Ehrlich { Hajouj, Aoucha, Bolong, Kora, Sanza-m'bira, Uklélé, Tablas, Djembé, Tambours, Cymbales, Calebasse, Balais, Tambourins, Claviers}
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