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Divided Alien
Playbax Pt2 Live mp3
Obscura No.9
BMOVP009CD || 2004-09-20 || £6.00 USD  EUR  JPY  + p+p +tax
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2nd part of live 1980 gig - Limited release.

This rare recording for broadcast by WKSU, Kent, Ohio is from Daevid's solo US Divided Alien tour in the of summer 1980.

These CDs are in matt black card covers with silver and white printing. This is the ninth of a 20CD series, each release a limited pressing of 1000 copies only - no more will be pressed.

Tracks: [45'27]
  1. Sex is a careless sea [7'40]
  2. Death of Rock [5'02]
  3. Tali's Birthday Song [4'24]
  4. Pearls [2'39] - listen in mp3
  5. Bodygas [0'57]
  6. Froghello [2'11]
  7. Strong Woman [4'38]
  8. Opium for the People [4'08]
  9. Smile [11'41] - listen in mp3
  10. Don't be Afraid [2'07]
  • daevid allen {Guitar, glissando guitar, vocals}
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