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updated Thr 07 July, 2016
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cover art Steve Hillage
Searching For The Spark (22CD Box-set)
NOW AVAILABLE - Unbelievable limited edition 22 CD Box-set. [more…]

cover art Gong
Rejoice! I'm Dead! (3CD) listen in
Now available. Deluxe Hardback book 12" 3CD edition. Release date 16th September [more…]

cover art Gong
Rejoice! I'm Dead! (CD) listen in
New album now available [more…]

cover art Gong
Live in Sherwood Forest '75 (CD)
Early Shamal era Gong with Steve Hilage - back in stock [more…]

cover art Blue Midnight
White Moon (CD)
A 3rd bundle of quirky joy [more…]

cover art daevid allen Weird Quartet
Elevenses (CD)
A curate's egg of a release [more…]

cover art Various
Drones 4 Daevid (2CD)
Eclectic, live, heartfelt double CD collection from daevid benefit gig [more…]

cover art Dave Sturt
Dreams & Absurdities
First solo album by Gong bassist, with Gong guests [more…]

cover art disc artwork Steve Hillage Band
Live at Madison Square Gardens (CD)
Big Hillage band blast iconic New York venue [more…]

cover art disc art System 7
X-Port (CD) listen in
2015 - Definitive, great album. [more…]

cover art disc art Mirror System
N-Port (CD) listen in
Brilliant new album - Mirror System moves to a new level [more…]

cover art disc art Rovo
Condor (CD)
2006 album. [more…]

cover art disc art Rovo
Selected 2001-2004 (CD)
Compilation of early tracks. [more…]

cover art disc art Kangaroo Moon
The Way It Is (CD) listen in
A new Kangaroo Moon album bounds forth…[more…]

cover art disc artwork Kevin Kendle
with Brian Abbott and Nigel Shaw
Deep Space 5: Illumination (CD)
More of the deepest chilled out space sounds you could wish for. [more…]

cover art disc art Gong
High Above the Subterranea Club 2000 (CD/DVD)
Reissue DVD with bonus audio CD…[more…]

cover art disc art Sentient
Live at the King Arthur, Glastonbury (CD)
Another wonderful, wild improvised excursion for Steffe, Subs, Joie and Tanya. [more…]

cover art disc artwork daevid allen
soundbites 4 tha reVelation 2012 (CD) listen in
daevid's last solo album, available once more. [more…]

cover art disc artwork Gilli Smyth
Paradise (CD)
New classic Gilli album… [more…]

cover art disc art Gong
Camembert Electrique (CD) BYG remaster
Easily the best sounding CD issue. A fitting tribute to daevid in all but one area. [more…]

cover art disc art System 7 + Mirror System
n+x (Mini album CD) 2015 listen in
Fabulous 43 minute hors d'oeuvre for N-Port and X-Port albums. [more…]

cover art disc art Gus Till
Ghosts Of The Earth (CD)
Gorgeous, spiritually warming album featuring Steve Hillage. [more…]

cover art daevid allen
Stoned Innocent Frankenstein (2CD) listen in
Available now. [so much, more…]

cover art Gong
I See You (CD) listen in
2014 studio album. [more…]

cover art disc art Invisible Opera Co. of Tibet
Songs From The Temple Of Now (CD) listen in
Studio album with daevid allen and Arthur Brown guesting. [more…]

cover art Steve Hillage Band
Live at Rockpalast (CD + DVD)
Classy reissue of '77 German gig [more…]

cover art disc art System 7
Out (2CD) listen in
Bulging CDs of fantastic tracks, the majority only previously available on 12-inch vinyl or as downloads. [more…]

cover art disc artwork Steve Hillage Band
Rainbow 1977 (CD)
Spacey psy-funk Hillage band cut a rug at the iconic 70's Rock venue[more…]

cover art disc art Rovo
Ravo (CD) listen in
Wonderful, unique Japanese progressive, jam/trance band. [more…]

cover art disc art Rovo
Phase (CD) listen in
Glorious, double-drumming, soaring electric violin-ing, progressive trance jamming. [more…]

cover art disc artwork Andy Bole + Hiroshi Higashi
Epicycles (CD) listen in
Deep space meeting - Andy meets Acid Mothers Temple. [more…]

cover art disc artwork Steve Hillage Band
Live in England 1979 (CD + DVD)
Live University of Kent 28.2.79 on CD with bonus live '77 tracks, plus DVD of the gig with promo film bonus tracks and 2006 interview. [more…]

cover art disc artwork InVerse Gravity Vehicle
Cygnus & The White Sow (CD) listen in
New Deborah/Jwa excursion to 'other' musical dimensions. [more…]

cover art disc art Sentient
Live at the Real Music Club, Brighton (CD) listen in
Fantastic live improvised psychedelia and beyond from Steffe, Steve and Subs. [more…]

cover art disc art Rovo + System 7
Phoenix Rising (CD) listen in
Stunning progressive/techno fusion. [more…]

Here & Now - Live In London 2007 disc artwork Here & Now
Live In London (CD) listen in
Keith, Steffe, Steve and Gwyo's amazing live set from 2007. [more…]

cover art disc art Rovo + System 7
Hinotori + Phoenix Rising (CD-EP) listen in
42 minute part taster, part great addition/extension to the Phoenix Rising album. [more…]

cover art disc artwork Magick Brothers
Live in San Franciso (CD + bonus DVD) listen in
Magical live 1992 recording of the Magick Brothers stretching out there… [more…]

cover art disc artwork Gong
Camembert Eclectique (CD) listen in
Long overdue re-issue of the very first GAS CD. Pre-Camembert Electric band, outakes and other 1969 studio recordings. [more…]

cover art disc artwork daevid allen & gilli smyth
Live at The Roundhouse 1971 (CD)
First gig on return to UK - with Robert Wyatt and Hugh Hopper. [more…]

cover art disc artwork Andy Bole
The Glorious Event (CD) listen in
Elegant, spacey, guitar-rich release… [more…]

cover art disc artwork Microcosmic
Sacred Geometry 4 (CD) listen in
With Steve Hillage, daevid allen, Gilli Smyth. Need to chill out Gongish style? Look no further. [more…]
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