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updated Mon 19 Oct, 2014
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cover art disc artwork University of Errors
Live at the Glastonbury Assembly Rooms 2008.05.30 (DVD) listen in
Did this really happen? I think it did. Wonderfully evocative [more…]

cover art daevid allen
Stoned Innocent Frankenstein (2CD) listen in
Available now. [so much, more…]

cover art disc artwork Gong
Camembert Eclectique (CD) listen in
Long overdue re-issue of the very first GAS CD. Pre-Camembert Electric band, outakes and other 1969 studio recordings. [more…]

cover art Gong
OK Friends! (CD) listen in

(Sorry, currently unavailable.)

Selections from the extensive 2001 tour of Europe. [more…]

cover art disc artwork daevid allen
Eat Me Baby I'm a Jellybean (CD) listen in
daevid tweaks or adds lyrics to quirkily, brilliantly played jazz standards [more…]

cover art Here & Now
Gospel of Free (CD) listen in
Collection of live Free Festival recordings, '76-'78. [more…]

cover art Mark Robson
In Search of a Simple Life (CD) listen in
Sorry, not available. Celtic 'new folk' by Kangaroo Moon's main man, and friends. Guests include daevid allen. [more…]

cover art Silver on the Tree
Morning Glory (CD) listen in
Beautiful Pagan acapella CD produced with daevid allen. [more…]

cover art Clark/Thorne/Fell
Isthmus (CD) listen in
Fantastic Improvised melodic Jazz CD by ex Gong/maison and Magick Brother, violinist Graham Clark. Spontaneous jazz improvisation of the highest order. [more…]

cover art Goddess Trance
Goddess Trance (CD) listen in
Live Trance recording featuring Gilli, daevid and Orlando. [more…]

cover art Lady June
Hit and Myth (CD) listen in
Canterbury scene cult artist and poet. 2nd release compiled with a host of 'Canterbury' musicians. A humourous, surreal CD full of rye observations on life's foibles and paradigm slippage. [more…]

cover art Glo
Even As We (CD) listen in
Steffe and Gilli Smyth's luscious 'ambient-with-beats' masterpiece. [more…]

cover art Gong
The Family Jewels (2 CD)
Sorry, not available. Gong members solo tracks, an unreleased track and live Gong '97 tracks, with a classic sleeve design by daevid allen himself. An ultimate collection. [more…]

cover art disc artwork daevid allen
Dreamin' a Dream (CD)
Electro-acoustic 'solo' album, with guests Graham Clark (Magick Brothers, Gong, Gongmaison) and Tim Hall [more…]

cover art Invisible Opera Company of Tibet
Jewel in the Lotus (CD)
Psychedelic pagan acid punk with a devotional edge. Mini 5 track album of great surging fun by these modern day festval/camp stalwarts. With guests daevid allen and Russel Hibbs. [more…]

cover art Gongmaison
Live Glastonbury Festival '89 (CD)
Sorry, not available. Classic magical festival performance by this electro-acoustic Gong band.

cover art Paragong
Live '73 (CD)
Sorry, not available. One of the rarest of Gong lineups - Hillage, Malherbe, Blake, Moerlen and Howlett. This release gathered almost all the known recordings of this most psychedelic of Gong bands.
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