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InVerse Gravity Vehicle
updated Thu 20 Feb 2014
Jwa (Joie) Hinton and Deborah Knights
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cover art disc artwork InVerse Gravity Vehicle
Cygnus & The White Sow (CD) listen in
New Deborah/Jwa excursion to 'other' musical dimensions. [more…]

cover art InVerse Gravity Vehicle
Gematria ∼:0:∼ From Zero To Metacube (CD) listen in
Deeply strange and rather wonderful 'Avant Ambient' release with revelatory daevid allen track. [more…]

cover art InVerse Gravity Vehicle
Magnetizer (2 CD) listen in
Jwa (Joie) Hinton's and Deborah Knight's third album. Inspired by the invention of The Searl Effect Generator (S.E.G) and InVerse Gravity Vehicle (I.G.V). [more…]

cover art InVerse Gravity Vehicle
…Amongst The Pigeons (CD)

(Sorry, all gone.)

Ex 'Eat Static' Joie, Deborah and the voice of Prof. Searl - and friends. Steffe, Merv, Keith the Bass, Ed Ozric and more - strange. [more…]

cover art disc artwork InVerse Gravity Vehicle
Inverse Gravity (CD)
Ex 'Eat Static' Joie, Deborah and the voice of Prof. Searl - totally unique! Ambient Static, beautiful songs and Stanly Unwin on acid - or cosmic truth? I just don't know. [more…]
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