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Invisible Opera Co. of Tibet

updated Fri 18 Sep 2015
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cover art disc art Invisible Opera Co. of Tibet
Songs From The Temple Of Now (CD) listen in
Studio album with daevid allen and Arthur Brown guesting. [more…]

cover art disc artwork Invisible Opera Co. of Tibet
Live at the Onboard the Craft Festival 2013 (DVD) listen in
Well filmed and recorded celebratory Festival gig - great stuff. [more…]

cover art cover art Invisible Opera Company of Tibet
UFO Planante (CD)
Floydian, Gongish, psychedelic power trio. [more…]

cover art disc artwork Invisible Opera Company of Tibet
Live at Sonic Rock Solstice 2011 (CD) listen in
Nice, live and Invisible [more…]

cover art disc artwork Invisible Opera Company of Tibet
Go Totally Bananas: Live Spring 1994 (CD)
One time GAS tape brought sonically up to date. Well recorded document of a bizarre tour. Full of powerful Invisible originals and circular, invocational spacey power pop versions of traditional wizzy-a-gig songs with daevid and Russell Hibbs guesting. [more…]

cover art Invisible Opera Company of Tibet
Jewel in the Lotus (CD)
Psychedelic pagan acid punk with a devotional edge. Mini 5 track album of great surging fun by these modern day festval/camp stalwarts. With guests daevid allen and Russel Hibbs. [more…]
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