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Kangaroo Moon
Mark Robson
updated Fri 14 Aug 2015
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cover art disc art Kangaroo Moon
The Way It Is (CD) listen in
A new Kangaroo Moon album bounds forth…[more…]

cover art disc artwork Kangaroo Moon
Ironworks (EP-CD)
New studio tracks. [more…]

cover art Kangaroo Moon
Alive & Hopping (CD)

(Sorry, currently unavailable.)

Recorded live in London and Australia. It's a beauty! [more…]

cover art Kangaroo Moon
Between Two Worlds (CD)

(Sorry, no longer available.)

Wonderfully evocative songs and melodies, all housed within an often driving, space-rock, funky framework reminiscent of Planet Gong. [more…]

cover art Kangaroo Moon
In Transit (CD)

(Sorry, currently unavailable.)


cover art Mark Robson
In Search of a Simple Life (CD) listen in
Sorry, not available. Celtic 'new folk' by Kangaroo Moon's main man, and friends. Guests include daevid allen. [more…]

cover art Mark Robson
Lines in the Sand (CD)
Earthy spacey, calming activating, beautifully balanced CD full of pleasant surprises and guest appearances. Mark's strongest release to date. [more…]
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