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Sacred Geometry
microcosmic + daevid allen

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cover art disc artwork Microcosmic
Sacred Geometry 4 (CD) listen in
With Steve Hillage, daevid allen, Gilli Smyth. Need to chill out Gongish style? Look no further. [more…]

cover art disc artwork daevid allen and Micro-cosmique
Five Semitones
Tones For Healing and Meditation (CD)

(Sorry, currently out of stock.)

Deeply restful gliss and synth, based on daevid's Seven Drones music. Specifically designed for meditation and relaxation. [more…]

cover art disc artwork daevid allen & microcosmic
Sacred Geometry 3 (CD) listen in

(Sorry sold out.)

Relaxing glissando guitar and synth adventures. Classic ambient duo returns, with guests. [more…]

cover art Micro Cosmic + daevid Allen
Sacred Geometry 2 (CD) listen in

(Sorry sold out.)

Gently spirited and deeply relaxing gliss guitar and synth. Only available from GAS. [more…]

cover art disc artwork Micro Cosmic/daevid allen
Sacred Geometry (CD) listen in

(Sorry sold out.)

Deep ambient gliss guitar/synth. Only available from GAS. [more…]
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