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Once upon a time, in a Phillips laboratory far far away…
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cover art Mothergong
Wild Child [CS]
One of their finest albums. An Aladdin's Cave of tunes. [more…]

cover art Harry Williamson + Robert Calvert
Street Art [CS]
Proto-Mothergong. The genesis of a band. [more…]

cover art MicroCosmic
Sacred Geometry [CS]
Ambient psychedelic meditations. Ideal for mind expansion, relaxation, daydreaming. [more…]

cover art Silver on the Tree
Mystic Spiral [CS]
Pagan earth magic. Lightly instrumented, often gorgeously acapella… [more…]

cover art Silver on the Tree
Eye of the Aeon [CS]
Celtic folk, new and old. Stunning harmonies and beautifully simple acoustic arrangements. [more…]

cover art Harry Williamson + Liz van Dort
Far for the Madding Crowd [CS]
Early/different versions of classical/world music album. …beautiful, but so hard to categorise… [more…]

cover art Mahadeva
Cosmic Voyage [CS]

(Sorry, no longer available.)

Devotional, relaxing, gently ambient synths. If you like his Sacred Geometry album with daevid… [more…]

cover art System 7
Fire Album [CS]

(Sorry, no longer available.)

Dance crazy. First of a two album set. (see also the Water Album) [more…]

cover art System 7
Water Album [CS]

(Sorry, no longer available.)

Wet and wild. Second of a two album set. (see also the Fire Album) [more…]
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