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Andy Bole GB
wizard of the strings: Bonfire Radicals, Fret and Fiddle

Ant Bee USA
aka Billy James. Musician, writer and all round good egg. Agent provocateur at Glass Onyon PR

Arthur Brown
The Voice of Love

Basil Brooks GB
Analog synths and waving arms: Zorch

Boris and his Bolshie Balalaika
You ain't lived till you've experienced it.

Brian 'Zero' Abbott GB
guitar: Invisible Opera Company of Tibet UK, Glissando Guitar Orchestra, Witch, Global, Riven and more…

Christian Boulé FR

Craig 'Haggis' McFarlane SCO
Highland pipes, Scottish small pipes, analogue synths, sequencers… Glasgow, Scotland : [7' video]; SoundCloud, , mySpace, Finest Talent Agency.

Cyndee Lee Rule
Electric Violin

Cyrille Verdeaux
Kundalini Opera

Don Falcone USA
Spirits Burning : Alien Injection (2010), Crazy Fluid (2008), Glissando Grooves (2006), Found in Nature (2006), Weird Biscuit Teatime (2005), Fireclan : Sunrise to Sunset (2004), Reflections in a Radio Shower (2002).

Edwin Brooks GB
The Burning Glass : "Story Telling Star Gazing Ukulele Agit-Pop"

Fred Frith
Who do you find when you go right out there?

Gregg McKella
Space bubbles on debut Sentient album, 'Live at The Real Music Club, Brighton'. Vox/guitar/clarinet/gliss & wibbles Paradise 9/Plastic Sturgeons

Hawk Alfredson USA
surrealistic painter whose work appears on the cover of Elevenses (daevid allen Weird Quartet), and elsewhere - the small portrait of Pierre Moerlen seen at the unCon 2006, for instance… On Art and Aesthetics [review]; Players of Strange Meaningless Games [book]; ,

Hugh Hopper RIP
bass moustaches

Jackie Juno GB
Wise woman of stage and scream. Writer, painter, performer, singer, radio presenter, comedian, celebrant. Workshops. Shamanic journeys. Tarot. Oracles. Goddesses.

Jean-Paulo Vivini FR
Paracelse, Mother Gong, Book of AM, … listen out

Jeza RIP
photographer, musician: Jezaland: Gong, Here & Now, Zorch and free festival photo galleries

Jwa (Joie) Hinton GB
Inverse Gravity Vehicle; ex Ozric Tentacles, ex Eat Static

Lady June RIP

LaZero aka 'Lazer' fka 'Baron'
Free festival and Rainbow gathering regular, former Bristol Gardens squatter, brother of Jeza, percussionist with Nik Turner's Sphynx, and elusive blogger associated with the terms 'museinspirals' and 'shamantrix'. Attended the Gong Family Unconvention at the Melkweg in Amsterdam in 2006.

Loy Ehrlich
keyboards: Hadouk

Mark Robson GB
keyboards, vocals, whistles, didgeridoo… Kangaroo Moon, Here & Now, Magic Brothers.

Matt Ledgar AU
drums and percussion: Wild Marmalade, ex Kangaroo Moon, founder of Hybrid Percussion and inventor of the Percusso, a uniquely customisable combination tambourine and clave that is played with one hand. Marketing and distribution by Latin Percussion.

Nik Turner GB
(ex-)Hawkwind, Sphynx, Inner City Unit, Hawkestra, Space Ritual, Nik Turner's All Stars, Galaktikos, etc…

Rich Goodhart USA
Earth, Spiral, Water, Spirit.

Richard Sinclair
Gentleman guitarist

Robert Wyatt GB
Wilde Flowers, Soft Machine, Matching Mole, …

Steve Higgins RIP
Thandoy, KarmaKanix, House of Thandoy; Invisible Music; aka Pragito

Steve Shehan
drums, percussion: Hadouk

Tim Hawthorne GB
guitar: invisible in-divisible made visible… sometimes… and The Archetypes.

Thom the World Poet
arch wordsmith and actovator - also on YouTube

Altered Walter Funk USA
Autostereoscopic and Volumetric artist, composer in Spatial Sonic Environments (and instrument inventor): Hologlyphics, Kwisp (Bananamoon Obscura no.13) - based in northern California.

Will Z
psychedelic folk : bandcamp | Book Of AM + Will Z + Cosmic Trip Machine |

Yumi Hara GB +
keyboards : you me & us, Artaud Beats (also on and ), …
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