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'I See You' vinyl - 2nd pre-order more coming very soon
[posted Wed 14 Jan]

Two weeks before Christmas the initial pressing of 1000 copies of the vinyl version of the new Gong album , 'I See You', ran out. It became impossible to secure more. The label hurriedly ordered a new pressing. However due to the increased work-load on remaining pressing plants none can be manufactured before the last week of January.

I'm told that this follow up pressing of 500 will be identical to the the initial pressing. Depending on demand a further 500 may be pressed, ultimately making a limited edition of either 1500 or 2000 in total. Then that particular vinyl layout or format of 'I See You' will be retired. At some future date it is possible that a more simpler, condensed vinyl pressing may be produced, but then again maybe not.

So once more you can pre-order the 'I See You' 2LP.

Apologies if you have been expecting news of an 'I See You' LP order (no cards would have been debited), it was all a bit confused for a while - the chink of light is the 27th of January when new stock is expected at the label - so I should receive more copies just after that date and be able to send any pending orders.

Steve Hillage on Doors tribute CD with a cast of 3 dozen and more
[posted Thr 9 Oct]

Steve appears on a CD that was released at the end of June in the States, 'Light My Fire - A Classic Rock Salute To The Doors', on Cleopatra Record's Purple Pyramid label. The only track I've heard is the one Steve contributed to, 'The Soft Parade' which is very good indeed, full of prime Hillage guitarisms and with Graham Bonnet handling the vocals in good Lizard King style. If you get a chance cop an earful.

Stonehenge Festival Campaign CD w/Invisibles Opera Co., Here & Now, Hawklords + more
[updated Thr 9 Oct]

Very nice looking double CD produced to aid the Stonehenge Festival Campaign. It features 2 tracks from the Invisible Opera Co. of Tibet, and tracks from the 1984 Festival - 2 from Here & Now, a couple from the Hawklords, one from Uncke Nik Turner, and as they say,....many more. Good looking, very reasonably priced and focused on a cause.

Stonehenge Festival Campaign CD

Come on together we can raise the funds to move the stones to Hyde Park so more people can see and appreciate them! ;)

daevid allen - Health update good news
[posted Fri 3 Oct]

On 1st October daevid's course of radiotherapy was completed. During the last phase of treatment it was decided to double the level of radiation and double the number of sessions to two per day. Consequently daevid is frail as could possibly be, far below shattered, very quiet and as Turiya e-mailed, "very introverted", he has also lost a lot of weight - but most importantly the cancer is gone. Now comes the slow journey back to being a healthy, happy, independent 77 year old.

When he decided to embrace the radiotherapy course of action daevid said he would commit himself completely and utterly for the duration, and do whatever 'they' said needed to do done. Then, when it was all over, he would commit himself totally to naturopathic pathways back to wellness - as well as the daevid pictured above in 2012.

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