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Gong Cake
Norwegian griddle cake recipes
Take Your Protein Pills
daevid allen and the magick brothers meet Poisoned Electric Head : Brian Carney - includes an extract from Brian's book, Take Your Protein Pills
Pocket Guide to the Planet Gong
illustrations, notes and general gong-foolery - Jonny Greene
University of Errors : New Faculties
Per Errata Ad Astra - Adrian Stubbs
Space rock
University of Errors in Israel - David Brinn, Jerusalem Post, 5770 Elul 10
Tales of the great unknown… - David Id
Soft Machine
uma das maiores instituições inglesas do rock nos anos 60 e 70 - Mofo F
Tertulia Poetry Festival
as if all the words, hundreds of words, are blowing about the village - Gilli Smyth, Deja de Mallorca
Self Initiation
In 1989 I heard rumours that members of Gong had returned to the UK and were active musically… - Monty Oxymoron
Just Another Day with the Bulldozers
old growth forests, the wetlands…, the bush - Gilli Smyth
Paris 1968
In l968 people saw the possibility of the 'prison planet' we face today - daevid allen & Gilli Smyth, Lismore University
Where Are All The Women?
Commentary on the 1997 United Nations Report on the Status of Women - Gilli Smyth
Quantum Relationships
a looking glass world (6 impossible things before breakfast) - Gilli Smyth
Women in Gong
use the stage to speak for us, we don't have a public voice - Gilli Smyth
Mothergong Manifesto
A brief summary of our work together - Gilli Smyth
Gong Without End
concept film about pot-head pixies, flying teapots with hints of free love and drug-taking - Southern Evening Echo : text | pdf