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daevid allen
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year title label
2005 Sacred Geometry II (w/Micro Cosmic) No Meat CD
2004 BMO Vol 10: Melbourne Studio Tapes (w/Invisible Opera Company of Oz) BMO CD
2004 BMO Vol 9: Divided Alien Playbax Disk 2 BMO CD
2004 BMO Vol 8: Divided Alien Playbax Disk 1 BMO CD
2004 BMO Vol 6: Live @ the Knit NYC (w/Nicoletta Stephanz) BMO CD
2004 BMO Vol 5: Live in Chicago (w/University of Errors) BMO CD
2004 BMO Vol 4: Bards of Byron Bay (w/Russell Hibbs) BMO CD
2004 BMO Vol 3: Self Initiation BMO CD
2004 BMO Vol 2: Live in the UK (w/Brainville) BMO CD
2004 BMO Vol 1: Studio Rehearsal Tapes 1977 (w/Euterpe) BMO CD
2004 Live Spring '88: The Return Voiceprint 2CD
2004 Gentle Genie Voiceprint CD
2004 Makoto Mango (w/Guru and Zero) Swordfish CD
2001 Sacred Geometry (w/Micro Cosmic) No Meat CD
2001 Nectans Glen (w/Russell Hibbs) Voiceprint CD
1998 Eat Me Baby I'm a Jellybean GAS CD
1998 22 Meanings (w/Harry Williamson) Gliss CD (promo CD)
1995 Hit Men (w/Kramer) Shimmy Disc LP/CD
1995 Dreamin' a Dream GAS CD
1993 12 Selves Voiceprint CD
1992 Who's Afraid (w/Kramer) Shimmy Disc LP/CD
1991 The Seven Drones Voiceprint CD
1991 The Australian Years Voiceprint LP/CD
1990 Stroking the Tail of the Bird (w/Gilli Smyth and Harry Williamson) Amp CD
1990 Australia Aquaria Demi Monde LP/CD Voiceprint CD
1989 The Owl and the Tree (Mother Gong) Demi Monde LP/CD
1983 Alien in New York Charly 12-inch EP
1982 Ex/Don't Stop (w/David Tolley) Shanghai LP
1982 Death of Rock and Other Entrances Shanghai 12-inch EP
1982 Divided Alien Playbax 80 Charly LP (Spalax CD)
1978 N'existe pas! Affinity LP (Spalax CD)
1977 Now is the Happiest Time of Your Life Affinity LP (Spalax CD) (Charly CD)
1976 Good Morning (w/Euterpe) Virgin LP
1975 Fred the Fish Virgin 7' (promo)
1970 Banana Moon BYG LP (Spalax CD) (Charly CD)

University of Errors
year title label
2008 daevid allen's University of Errors Play The Soft Machine - Live in Amsterdam, 5 November 2004 Voiceprint unGONGDVD001 (UK)
2006 Live at The Fleece - Bristol, England, 6 June 2003 Subsalt Records SUBLIVERZ 1 (USA)
2004 Jet Propelled Photographs Cuneiform Records Rune188 (USA)
2004 Go Forth and Errorize! Live in Chicago Voiceprint / Bananamoon Obscura BMOVP005CD (UK)
2003 Ugly Music For Monica Weed Records 7912 (USA)
2002 Ugly Music For Monica GAS ERRZ CD03
2002 Live at Schuba's 2001 ERR CD-R (Official bootleg)
2002 Go Forth and Errorize! Live in the USA ERR CD-R (Official bootleg)
2001 e2x10=tenure Innerspace Records 7715 (USA)
2000 e2x10=tenure GAS Limited Edition of 500, alternate cover (UK)
1999 Money Doesn't Make It Innerspace Records 7707 (USA)

Other Bands
year title label
1999 The Children's Crusade (Brainville) Shimmy Disc CD
1993 Live 1963 (daevid allen Trio) Voiceprint CD
1992 Live at the Witchwood 1991 (Magick Brothers) Voiceprint CD

Guest Appearances
year title label
2002 Between Two Worlds (Kangaroo Moon) Klangbad CD
2001 Reflections in a Radio Shower (Spirits Burning) Gazul CD
1999 Electric Shiatsu (Goddess T) Voiceprint CD
1999 New Worlds by Design (Spirits Burning) Gazul CD
1996 Goddess Trance (Goddess Trance) GAS CD
1993 She Made The World (Mother Gong) Voiceprint CD
1991 Victoria Spirit (Charlelie Couture) EMI CD
1990 Present Time (Michael Zentner) Red Music LP
1986 Robot Woman 3 (Mother Gong) Shanghai LP
1978 Mother (Gilli Smyth) Charly LP (Spalax CD)
1977 Brossa D'Ahir (Pep Laguardia and Tapuieria) Ocre LP
1977 Licors (Pau Riba) Movieplay LP
1969 Electric Panorama Phillips 4LP boxset

year title label
1992 Passed Normal Vol 5 (Magick Brothers) Fot CD
1993 Passed Normal Vol 6/7 (Magick Brothers) Fot 2CD
1993 A Brief History of Ambient, Volume 2 Virgin 2CD
1998 The Fox Lies Down Purple Pyramid CD
1999 Acid: The Final Frontier Dressed To Kill 3CD
1969 Young Beautiful Generation BYG LP

year title label
1996 Morning Glory (Silver on the Tree co-producer) GAS CD (Silver Branch CD)
1978 Mother (Gilli Smyth) Charly LP (Spalax CD)
1977 Licors (Pau Riba) Movieplay LP
1977 Brossa D'Ahir (Pep Laguardia and Tapuieria) Ocre LP