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Basic, incomplete, Gong-named band discography. A more advanced, far-reaching, super-hyperlinked and inaccurate version will be made eventually….
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year title label
2009 2032 g-wave
2005 Live Floating Anarchy '91 (Planet Gong) GAS Archive CD
2005 Parade (Gong Matrices) Voiceprint CD
2004 Acidmotherhood (Gong) Voiceprint CD
2002 Glastonbury 1971 (Gong) GAS Archive CD
2002 OK Friends (Gong) GAS CD
2002 High Above The Subterrania 2000 (Gong) Snapper Music DVD
2002 Classic Rock Legends (Gong) Classic Rock Legends DVD
2000 Live 2 Infinitea (Gong) Snapper Music CD
2000 Zero To Infinity (Gong) One-Eyed Salmon CD
1998 Family Jewels (Gong) GAS 2CD
1998 Full Circle Live '88 (Pierre Moerlen's Gong) Outer Music CD
1997 A Sprinkling of Clouds (Gong) Gliss, 12-inch
1997 You Remixed (Gong) Gliss 2CD
1995 Pre-Modernist Wireless: The Peel Sessions (Gong) Strange Fruit CD
1995 Live at Glastonbury '89 (Gongmaison) GAS CD
1995 25th Birthday Party (Gong) Voiceprint/GAS 2CD
1995 Live 1973 (Paragong) GAS CD
1995 Camembert Eclectique (Gong) GAS CD
1994 Tree in Fish (Mother Gong) Tapestry CD (Voiceprint CD)
1993 She Made The World (Mother Gong) Voiceprint CD
1993 Live On TV 1990 (Gong) Code 90 CD
1992 Shapeshifter (Gong) Celluloid CD
1992 Live 1991 (Mother Gong) Mothermusic CD
1991 Eye (Mother Gong) Voiceprint CD
1991 Wild Child (Mother Gong) Demi Monde LP/CD (Spalax CD) (Voiceprint CD)
1991 Owl and the Tree (Mother Gong w/daevid allen) Demi Monde LP/CD (Voiceprint CD)
1991 Gongmaison (Gongmaison) Demi Monde LP/CD (Voiceprint CD)
1990 Live At Sheffield 1974 (Gong) Mantra LP
1990 Live in Paris 73 (Gong) Mantra 2LP
1989 The History and The Mystery Of Planet G**g Demi Monde 2LP (Spalax CD) (Voiceprint 2CD)
1988 Second Wind (Pierre Moerlen's Gong) Line LP
1986 Breakthrough (Pierre Moerlen's Gong) Arc LP
1986 Robot Woman 3 (Mother Gong) Shanghai LP
1982 Robot Woman 2 (Mother Gong) Shanghai LP
1981 Robot Woman 1 (Mother Gong) Shanghai LP
1981 Leave It Open (Pierre Moerlen's Gong) Arista LP
1980 About Time (New York Gong) Charly LP (Spalax CD)
1980 Live (Pierre Moerlen's Gong) Arista LP
1979 Jungle Window (New York Gong) Charly 10"
1979 Much Too Old (New York Gong) Charly 7"
1979 Jingo (Pierre Moerlen's Gong) Arista 7"
1979 Time Is The Key (Pierre Moerlen's Gong) Arista LP
1979 Downwind (Pierre Moerlen's Gong) Arista LP/CD
1978 Fairy Tales (Mother Gong) Charly LP (Spalax CD)
1978 Opium For The People (Planet Gong) Charly 7"
1978 Live Floating Anarchy '77 (Planet Gong) Charly LP/CD (Spalax CD)
1978 Expresso II (Gong) Virgin LP/CD
1977 Live Etc. (Gong) Virgin 2LP/CD
1977 Gong Est Morte, Vive Gong (Gong) Celluloid LP
1977 Gazeuse! (Gong) Virgin LP/CD
1976 Shamal (Gong) Virgin LP/CD
1974 You (Gong) Virgin LP/CD (Charly CD) (Snapper CD)
1974 Angel's Egg (Gong) Virgin LP/CD (Charly CD)
1973 The Radio Gnome Invisible, Pt 1: Flying Teapot (Gong) Virgin LP
1972 Live at Dingwalls (Greasy Truckers Vol 2) Island 2LP (1 side live Gong)
1972 Glastonbury Fayre Revelation 3LP (1 side live Gong) (GAS ARC CD - Gong only)
1971 Obsolete (Gong w/Dashiell Hedeyat) Shandar LP
1971 Continental Circus (Gong) Phillips LP
1971 Camembert Electrique (Gong) BYG LP (Spalax CD) (Charly CD) (Snapper CD)
1970 Est-ce-que je suis (Gong) BYG 7"
1969 Magick Brother (Gong) BYG LP (Spalax CD)

year title label
2002 From Here To Eternitea (Gong) Snapper Music 2CD
1999 Other Side of the Sky (Gong) Snapper Music 2CD
1998 The Best Of Mother Gong Blueprint CD
1998 The Best Of Gong Reactive CD
1997 The Very Best Of Gong Summit CD
1996 The Best Of Gong Nectar Masters CD
1986 A Wingful Of Eyes (Gong) Virgin CD