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Steve Hillage
System 7 and Gong releases with Steve are not listed here.
year title label
1992 BBC Radio 1 Live in Concert Windsong CD
1991 Gong Go Long Oh Boy 2CD (bootleg)
1983 Aura Virgin LP (compilation)
1982 For To Next/And Or Not Virgin 2LP
1980 Open Virgin LP/CD
1979 Rainbow Dome Music Virgin LP/CD
1979 Live Herald Virgin 2LP/CD
1978 Green Virgin LP/CD
1977 Motivation Radio Virgin LP/CD
1976 L Virgin LP/CD
1975 Fish Rising Virgin LP/CD

year title label
1982 Alone/Frame By Frame/Timelines Virgin 12-inch
1982 Alone/Frame By Frame Virgin 7"
1982 Kamakazi Eyes (Extended Mix)/Before The World Was Made/Glory Virgin 12-inch
1982 Kamakazi Eyes/Before The World Was Made Virgin 7"
1979 Six Pack/Six Track Virgin 7" ep pic disc
1979 Leylines To Glassdom/Lies, Lies, Lies (with Glen Phillips) Virgin 7" promo
1979 Don't Dither Do It/Getting In Tune Virgin 7"
1978 Getting Better/Palm Trees (Love Guitar) Virgin 7"
1977 Not Fade Away (Glid Forever)/Saucer Surfing Virgin 7"
1977 Hurdy Gurdy Man/Om Nama Shivaya Virgin 7"
1976 It's All Too Much/Shimmer (with Tim Blake) Virgin 7"

Other Bands
year title label
1969 Arzachel (Arzachel) Evolution LP
1969 Space Shanties (Khan) Deram LP

Rachid Taha
Steve as producer/arranger/performer
year title label
2001 Made in Medina (Rachid Taha) Ark CD
1998 Diwan (Rachid Taha) Barclay CD
199? Rachid Taha (Rachid Taha) Barclay CD
1993 Voila Voila (Rachid Taha) Barclay CD/12-inch
1993 Olé Olé (Rachid Taha) Barclay CD
2001 Barra Barra (Rachid Taha) Ark 12-inch

Guest Appearances
year title label
1994 Urga (OST) Phillips CD
1992 Boss Drum (Shamen) One Little Indian CD
1991 The Orb's Adventues Beyond the Ultraworld (Orb) Big Life 2CD/2LP
1990 National Health Complete (National Health) East Side 2CD
1990 Fascinating Rhythm (?) Virgin CD/12-inch
1983 Bønø (Bønø) CBS LP (P)
1981 Robot Woman (Mother Gong) Butt LP
1980 Valerie Lagrange (Valerie Lagrange) Virgin LP
1980 Ils Viennent du Futur! (Guy Skornik) RCA Victor LP
1978 Xitintoday (Nik Turner's Sphynx) Charisma LP
1978 Nuclear Waste/Digital Love (Fast Breeder and the Radio Actors) Nuke (Virgin) 7" (Blueprint CD)
1975 Clearlight Symphony (Clearlight Symphony) Virgin LP (Clearlight CD)
1974 Civil Service (Egg) Caroline LP
1973 Bananamour (Kevin Ayers) Harvest LP (EMI CD)

year title label
1999 Arabesque Gut CD
1998 Matsurhythm 1 Matsuri CD
1978 Dead On Arrival Virgin 2LP
1975 'V' Virgin 2LP

Coming one day…
year title label
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