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Tim Blake
Gong releases with Tim are not listed here.
year title label
2002 Caldea Music II Synergy CD
2000 Tide of the Century Blueprint CD
1991 Magick Voiceprint CD
1978 Generator Laserbeam/Woodland Voice Barclay 7"
1978 Blake's New Jerusalem Egg (Barclay) LP (Voiceprint CD)
1977 Crystal Machine Egg (Barclay) LP (Voiceprint CD)
1977 Sintesis Intemporal/Sintesis Intemporal II Egg (Barclay) 7"

year title label
2001 Yule Ritual (Hawkwind) Hawk (Voiceprint) 2CD
1999 Complete '79 (Hawkwind) Hawk (Voiceprint) 2CD
1980 Live '79 (Hawkwind) Bronze LP
1980 Levitation (Hawkwind) Bronze LP

Guest Appearances
year title label
1999 Photo Musick (Christian Boulé) Musea CD
1999 Psyquest (Mad Stof and Company) New Om CD
1990 Clearlight Symphony II (Clearlight) Mantra CD
1976 It's All Too Much/Shimmer (with Steve Hillage) Virgin 7"
1976 Les Conte Du Singe Fou (Clearlight) Isdora (RCA) LP (Spalax CD)
1975 Fish Rising (Steve Hillage) Virgin LP/CD
1975 Clearlight Symphony (Clearlight Symphony) Virgin LP (Clearlight CD)
1975 Delired Chamelon Family (Delired Chamelon Family) Pathe LP (Clearlight CD)
197? Surf/Birdsong (Saratoga Space Messengers) Sadora 7"

year title label
19?? Sampler? Egg (Barclay) LP