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Kavus Torabi : Everyone Loves Guitar
podcast · vodcast
Didier Malherbe
I really enjoyed listening to Soft Machine in a gig called 'The Pink Window.' … The day after this Soft Machine concert Hans Neuenfels, a German poet and actor connected with the Living Theater, introduced me to Daevid in front of the café Les Deux Magots - It's Psychedelic Baby magazine
Allan Holdsworth
talks jaw-dropping solos, the "exquisitely unique" SynthAxe, and his love of headless guitars in his final interview - Guitar World
Extinction! (single): A-side "When The Fire Grows Cold" with Robert Wyatt vocal, B-side "Extinction!" 7-minute Balkan-brass psychedelic fantasy with daevid allen glissando guitar - Michael Limnios, Blues Network
Kernow Psych Society
Three Questions for Kramer
question #1 : I'm really interested in how you ended up playing in New York Gong and what that experience was like. Can you tell that story? (contains traces of Giorgio Gomelsky, Bill Laswell, daevid allen, Fred Maher, Michael Beinhorn, Gilli Smythe, Yoshko Seffer, Stu Martin, Bill Bacon, Don Davis, and a yellow school bus) - Rick Moody, Culture
Didier Malherbe
As part of my research for the forthcoming Hugh Hopper biography it was a great privilege to speak again to Didier Malherbe - Phil, Facelift Magazine
Terry Riley : Lighting Up Nodes
Between 1962 and 1963, you were living in Paris and often hanging out with Daevid Allen. Reflect on those days. - Anil Prasad, Innerviews
Orlando Allen
deep background, equipment, influences - Drum Club Magazine
Josh Pollock (University of Errors) : More Than Just The Notes
what intrigues me most about this musician is his intention and expertise in looking beyond the strictly auditory elements of performance, to see the broader nature of the art - Anthony Shaw, All About Jazz
Miquette Giraudy
Sun Is Shining Dub n Chill [blog]
Gong on Montserrat
Maggie Thomas interview (contains traces of Henry Cow) - catalan, castellano, english - wayback machine
Gong Remains The Same
Record Collector
Space rock
University of Errors in Israel - David Brinn, Jerusalem Post, 5770 Elul 10
Entrevues de Tim Blake, Gilli Smyth, Didier Malherbe; Hommage à Pierre Moerlen, chroniques de disques et DVD; Radio Gnome Invisible, Euterpe, University of Errors, Le GongOscope 26; Les bootlegs incontournables - Vapeur Mauve webzine volume 5 pdf
Howard Scarr: a sound scientist
Gwyo Zepix (Zorch) - contains traces of Hans Zimmer, Access, Waldorf, Zebra Science, plus a bottomless tureen of synthesizer alphabet soup - Audio News Room
Pip Pyle
Gong, Phil Miller, Richard Sinclair, Matching Mole, Hatfield and the North, and shaving - web · rtf
Hugh Hopper
The Knitting Factory, New York City - Mark Bloch, Panmodern
Harry Williamson
for an article on Anthony Phillips - Big Bang
Pip Pyle
Gong at Tramps, New York City - Mark Bloch, Panmodern
Je ne fume pas des bananes
daevid allen Bananamoon Band CD liner notes - Marc Blanc
Mike Howlett : King Of Techno Pop
Paul Tingen, Electronics & Music Maker
A Guided Tour Of Here And Now
Also starring The Table, The Fall, The Flu, And The Bus That Wouldn't Start - Graham Lock, Sounds [pdf]
The Rhythm Section
National Health bassist John Greaves & drummer Pip Pyle - Tony Bacon, Sound International