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Gong : Zero to Infinity
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daevid allen, 1999 

will you come with me to the temple
the circle of equal people
who sing from the heart
its so simple
the songs of the future creatures
there is only one way
to the temple
and that's if you
choose to freely
may the love that we live
through the temple
be strong in the lives
of all the people 


MAGDALENE - daevid allen, 1997

yo yo yo 
yo yo yo 
please teach me how to learn
teach me how to burn
(and) when you've
taught me how to burn
show me how to yearn for you

show me how to yearn for you!


Gilli Smyth, 1999

Yoni Yoni 
Where are you?

She flies out of the sky
with a great swoosh of wings and 
a flapping of feathers swirling by
dissolving dream destroyers
who stamp like mice in jackboots
on imaginative schemes

But dreams come through
like lighted train windows
in the night
and the wind whirling in the trees.

Reality thieves shout fear and doubt.
O it's a nightmare nightmare 
Sailing in the sky with yoni on high 

Beyond the veil 
Zero to infinity!

The dogs of Diana play
They surf on incandescent waves
Muskrat, merquat, small eyed snake
Marmoset bear and howling wolf
Streaming higher.
Diana hunts but never kills.

Diana hunts but never kills
never kills those living things.

Those living things
in vast concentric rings 
concentric rings


daevid allen and gilli smyth, 1999

Turn on 
information energy
information line.
You know you can see 
that the future currency 
is time.
Lafta yo-ga-ga information:
It's only rap'n'soul.

I mirror you
you mirror me
into infinity.

I mirror you
you mirror me
into infinity.

You mirror me 
I mirror you
into infinity.

don't lose control 
don't lose control 
Control don't.

I let go. 
I let go. 
I let go.
I let go. 

I let go. 
I let go. 
I let go.
I let go. 

You'll never be a hero to me!

I'm through 
I'm through 
the crack in time!
In the garden 
see the woman in the blue coat
with stars in her hair!
An unearthly wind 
blows the curtains of leaves.
Through the slit I see a flash
of everything.


Good Morning !
daevid allen & euterpe
daevid allen, mike howlett, 
pierre moerlen 1969

I met a man a wise old man
The day I lost my pride
He told me he belonged to me
But from me he would hide
But that I would not hear his voice
Until I learned to sing
Now every time I sing 
I know that I belong to him

Singing Oh why
Singing Oh why

He told me he would teach me 
everything I tried to know
He made me see that you and me 
are dreamers in a show
and when the days were darkest then
He lit them with his moon
and then we crossed 
the rainbow bridge
and we came back too soon

Singing Oh why
Singing Oh why

He showed me where he was Atman
That man I could not see
He pointed to the sky until
A ladder I could see
I climbed for many lives 
to find the secret golden flower
But then I woke and found I'd slept 
for less than half an hour

Where is your wise man?
How is the wise man?
Who is this wise man?
Who is this wise man?

He brought us all together then
When I was all alone
He made me see that we could not
Be only flesh and bone

Well it makes you feel so beautiful
You can tell yourself apart
Every time you listen to
The wise man in your heart


daevid allen, 1999

In Yucatan, 
or in some country like it.
There went a man, 
he was a crazy mystic.
And in the sky he saw a way,
he heard a voice 
singing a song all about it.

He saw the Path, 
it made him laugh 
No ego fuss - so obvious 
who could doubt it!

He giggled and laughed all day 
Wuz nothing that he could say 
What more can I tell you?

Bout the mad monk 
he don't shake no tit
Just him and the One Love: 
That's IT!

Mad monk he's a dancing soul
Don't need no guru to take control
Lafta yoga show me the way!
Lafta yoga show me the way!
Lafta yoga make me my day!

Don't gimmee that 
olde time religion!
No Lucifer no moral correction!
No denomination, 
no confusion, no persuasion,
No holy roller bogeyman no way!

If you want direction, 
you better listen to
the inner tuition, 
get on an inner mission!

Whatcha doin' in the sin bin hey?
Havin' more fun 
than anyone ain'tcha?
And you think you're dabblin' 
with danger don'tcha!
But if ya listen to the mad monk
You know what he'll tell you?

Whatever turns you on 
can be your teacher
But only if you want it bad, 
you gotta be mad!
You must have had 
a proper gutful of propaganda
To under-over-stand 
what the mad monk means
When he hits you 
with the lafta yoga 
You wanna know what lafta yoga is?
Erhh herh herh 
ha ha ha hahhahhahhaa, whooh hooh hah
Whooh hoo haah ha ha ha ha hah haaaa!

Back in Mississippi, 
back in the bible belt 
A mystic Walter Mitty, 
but one who was free of guilt!
Him an, 'is One Love, 
he who would shake no tit!
The Klu Klux Klan 
might turn him into tuna melt!
Lafta yoga show me the way!
Lafta yoga make me my day!


gilli smyth, 1999

Witch Yoni 
looping round the moon.
Tripping to Mars.
Drifting on the red world.
Walking the dog star.
Talking galactic acrobat.
Ah here's a huge blue balloon 
Its Zero!

Floating Zero comes to rest
at Yoni's place on Mars.
She sorts the DNA up there
Looking for the perfect mix.
Zero shines in the light 
of two red suns,
His bubble self extends 
beyond the skyline.
They are together oh yes 
They are apart.
A delightful time.
They watch the stars 
with great attention.
Then they part.


daevid allen, 1999

Behind the mask of the dictator
i know there is a damaged man.

Inside the man there is 
a frightened little boy
with scary toys
that somebody 
will make a deal with.

On either side there is resistance
to the thought of change.

Eventually there is a moment
when one by one 
the zen machine guns 
fall to silence
and all the children still alive 
can then be saved
to turn em into good little soldiers.

O Warrior Warrior
Why do you want to kill 
and kill and kill
the women and the children!
Your mothers and your daughters!
Your very own ancestors!

There is no them and us 
and them and us at all 

Just other versions of ourselves.


daevid allen


'Hello! Is that my virtual you? 
This is your body speaking!

Ahh yeah hah my body!
My body is talking to me!
Uh oh! My flesh is stressing! 
Its creeping! Its crawling! 
My bones are knocking.
They're clicking. 
They're clackety clacketing!
My tongue is furr 
licky sticky wicketing! 
My tongue is flickering. 
My teeth are g-g-g-gnashing! 
They're racheting! 
Yick Yak Yak YUK! 
I have bad breath!
My bowels are wise. 
My wise old bowels!
Downloading. Downloading.
My eyes say:


Speak with your body.
Feel with your mind.
Dance with your heart and soul.
My feet are very under-standing!!
My knees are very knowing!
They argue 
They debate!

My kneecaps 
My old school kneecaps!
Are scoffing! 
They're quaffing! 
They're scuffling!

My feet are carrying on regardless!
They're carrying on regardless!
My ears are radiating. 
They're tintintabulating!
My skin is very rash. 
What's it insinuating?
Too much skin-up-ulating?


My poor old bum! My bum!
Its dumbing down! 
Its numb! Its numb!
My scrotum is bitching, 
its tetchy, its twitching.
My prostate is postulating 
I think it's taking the piss!

My spermatoza goes eeek! 
Is that monsanto?
Is that the monsanto clause? 
The testicle my friends,
is very mystical. 
Or simply testy, testy.
Very very testy!


Now I remember my body
Our body, my body, your body
Every body!
What a surprise!
You're very very wise!
I call it body language 
I call it body language 
I call it body language 
So thank you very very much!


- daevid allen, 1980

Tali's in the garden
By the wishing well
Wishing he could find a way
To break the magick spell
That keeps his father far away
Across the windy seas
In misty forests listening 
To the music of the trees.

Orlando's in the kitchen
Licking on a spoon
Behind his eyes he's far away
Riding on the moon
He dreamed he saw his father
Sitting by a stream
And his spirit floated up to him
And it kissed him in the brain

I'm coming to visit you 
inside your head
I'm leaving my body
Behind in my house
On my bed.
Can you hear me 
I'm getting nearer 
And can you feel me 
Now I'm there 
He's here!

Tasmin's on the highway
Hitching rides across the land
She loves a singer 
in a rock'n'rollin band
Whenever someone picks her up
And tries to put her down
She just smiles her father's smile 
Then she splits without a sound.

Ananda's on the veranda
Working on his bike
He wants to ride to Bearsville
Just to check out what its like
But high in the Himalayas
His father stops his car
And standing on the summit
He's wondering how you are 

He's coming to visit you 
inside your head.
He's leaving his body behind
in his house on his bed
So do ya hear him
He's coming nearer
Now can you feel him?
He's here 
He's here!