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Steve Hillage : Open
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You got me cooped up in a corner
and I'm branded as a good boy
you ain't listening to what I say
When all around you see
the rushing in of power 
that's a-brought the New Age
we're gonna smash the images 
and barriers between us 
and the Here and Now
You know the trigger 
of the Love Gun has been pulled
and it's already too late 
to begin to escape,
'cos it's up to you and me.

1988 Aktivator
We're gonna open to the 
1988 Aktivator
Ain't no hiding from the 
1988 Aktivator
Leaping up and down
Aktivator, Aktivator, Aktivator

Reality, reality, 
it's held together by you and me
We're gonna use our beams of power
to change the programme 
of our inner television
It's time for Telelove 
to give the world a shove
'cos there ain't never any use 
in trying to run away
We're gonna have some fun, 
the Golden Vibe is gonna come
You're feeling good 
because the labelless love
has started leaping out of your eyes
1988 Aktivator
Gonna wake up to the 
1988 Aktivator
Leaving your body now
Aktivator, Aktivator, Aktivator.
1988 Aktivator
1988 Aktivator
1988 Aktivator
Aktivator, Aktivator, 
Aktivator, Aktivator