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Gong UnConventional Gathering
Glissando Guitar Ensemble
hari hari syd
what's this?  An experiment in sound - the gliss, the whole gliss and nothing but the gliss.
imagery:  glissando
more:  It has been a very long held desire to try and bring a Glissando Guitar Ensemble into being. Now with some of the most experienced gliss guitar players in the world gathered in one spot - it has to be tried. A short set with groups of 2 or 3, and gloriously altogether possibly up to 7 glissandees. None will have heard it's like before. Simply unrepeatable.
orchestralia:  daevid allen - Gong
steve hillage - Gong, System 7, etc.
steffe - Here & Now, Planet Gong, Gong
brian abbott - Invisible Opera Co. of Tibet (UK), Global, Riven
fabio golfetti - Invisible Opera Co. of Tibet (Brazil), Violeta de Outoño
steve higgins - House of Thandoy, Invisible Music
when & where:  Friday in the Max
forthcoming gigs:  None - only appearing at the 2006 Unconvention