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Gong UnConventional Gathering
Steve Hillage Band
unique or what?
what's this?  No your eyes do not deceive you - it's the 'Steve Hillage Band' playing live for the first time since 1979!
imagery:  Steve Hillage
more:  A couple of weeks after the 2005 Gong Unconvention Steve asked me, "Do you think it would be possible to do a short Steve Hillage Band set at next year's Unconvention?". I pondered this for oh, at least a full millisecond. The band will be in rehearsal the week before the Uncon and there are currently no plans to repeat this very special event.
steve hillage band:  steve hillage (System 7) - guitar, vocals
miquette giraudy (System 7) - synths, vocals
mike howlett (Gong, House of Thandoy) - bass
chris taylor (Gong) - drums
when & where:  Sunday in the Max - penultimatim…
selected releases:  Fish Rising, Introducing
forthcoming gigs:  None - only appearing at the 2006 Unconvention.

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