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University of Errors
blow it and know it
what's this?  Soft Machinery, par excellence
imagery:  university of errors, live in prague
more:  Born of an impromptu recording session in San Francisco in 1998, daevid allen himself likens University of Errors to the early Soft Machine, of which he was a founding member in 1966. Indeed, their most recent release, Jet Propelled Photograph (Cuneiform 2004) represents both a faithful and fresh re-interpretation of the essential material, rounding out their three earlier original releases, Money Doesn't Make It (InnerSPACE, 1999), e2x10=tenure (InnerSPACE, 2001) and the critically acclaimed Ugly Music for Monica (ERRZ, 2003).

If you harbour a passion for wide-ranging sentient rock perspectives flown on world class guitar angularity, enroll today.

university of errors:  daevid allen - guitar, vocals
josh pollock - guitar, vocals
michael clare - bass
warren huegel - drums
when & where:  Sunday in the Max
selected releases:  Jet Propelled Photograph, Ugly Music For Monica

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