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Live in Tokyo
Voiceprint VP382CD || 2006-05-29 || £10.64 USD  EUR  JPY  + p+p +tax

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THE startling and iconaclastic live Tokyo gig from the GONG and ACID MOTHER'S TEMPLE merger.

The Teapot Explodes! Ceremoni Ultrasong. A spectacular set of lunatic improv rock featuring the revolutionary drumming of Yoshida Tatsuya, the supercharged twin barrel guitar attack of Kawabata and Pollock, an astonishingly delecate version of Gilli's 'Invisible' and the totalimpo 'Freelingual Ultrasong' vocals of daevid allen aka Jesu Ali Om, Lorde of Goddess Madcaps.

Recorded at the DOORS club in TOKYO april 2004

Track listing:
  1. GNOME 11:11 [1'04] invoking third dimensional gnomolinguistix
  2. OOOM BA WAH! [1'50] invocation of ulterior motif and conversation with gongly godpods
  3. CRAZY INVISIBLE SHE [4'18] invocation of undulating absences
  4. THE UNKILLING OF OCTAVE DOCTEUR DA 4J [8'48] ceremonie undone (you can't smash me riff)
  5. AVAHOOT KLAXON DIAMOND LANGUAGE RITUAL [4'42] ceremoni free lingual exploder/beezul-baba bombom chant
  6. RITUEL: UMBRAGE DEMON STIR FRY and ITS UPCUM [3'29] ceremoni rhino-electrik upstir
  7. JESU ALI OM CRUCI-FICTION [1'18] ceremoni ikonaklastika
  8. ZE TEAPOT ZAT EXPLODED [9'29] ceremoni joyful killpast
  9. EATING COLONEL SAUNDERS UPSIDE DOWN [6'34] ceremoni invertigong and cuckold dance macabre (note upcum celebrasive whoopi tag)
  10. VITAL INFO THAT SHOULD NEVER BE SPOKEN [6'34] ceremoni secretif (oui-ja boardinghouse of codes)
  11. PARALLEL TALES OF FRED CIRCUMSPEX [5'11] all nude pissing on yr toes song
  12. THE ISLE OF UNDERWEAR [12'33] ceremoni pink lady limonade 599g
  13. OHM RIFF VOLTAGE 245 [7'43] ceremoni tribal surge
  14. TOTALATONAL FAREWELL TO THE INNOCENTS [6'22] lullabye jackal and formaldahyde
  • daevid allen {(Jesu Ali Om): Vocals/fx (Freelingual Ultrasong)}
  • Gilli Smyth {Space Whisperer}
  • Josh Pollock {Guitar, megaphone}
  • Kawabata Makoto {Guitar, voices}
  • Cotton Casino {Synth, voices}
  • Higashi Hiroshi {Synth, voices}
  • Yoshida Tatsuya {Drums, sampler}
  • Atsushi Tsuyama {Bass, whistle, vocals, radish}