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artwork The Glissando Guitar Orchestra
Live at the Kozfest Festival 2014
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Amazing 'vibes around the world' as Andy teams up with Higashi Hiroshi of Acid Mothers Temple.

Dedicated to the late Gliss Orchestra members, Will Greenwood and Steve Higgins, and a focus for the well-being of daevid allen.

Lovely shiny little slip-case with cover art by Bryan Stewart (drawn during the performance).

Tracks: [51'30"]
  1. The Seven Drones [51'30"]
The Glissando Guitar Orchestra at Kozfest 2014:
  • Jerry Bewley
  • Brian Abbott
  • Shankara Andy Bole
  • Kev Hegan
  • Mark Huxley
  • Dani Speakman
  • Greg McKella
  • Paul Woodwright
  • Bob Hedger
  • Jackie Juno {Conductress}