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artwork The Glissando Guitar Orchestra
Live at the Kozfest Festival 2014
|| 2013 || $ | | ¥ +p&p (+tax in the UK)

Amazing 'vibes around the world' as Andy teams up with Higashi Hiroshi of Acid Mothers Temple.

Dedicated to the late Gliss Orchestra members, Will Greenwood and Steve Higgins, and a focus for the well-being of daevid allen.

Lovely shiny little slip-case with cover art by Bryan Stewart (drawn during the performance).

Tracks: [51'30"]
  1. The Seven Drones [51'30"]
The Glissando Guitar Orchestra at Kozfest 2014:
  • Jerry Bewley
  • Brian Abbott
  • Shankara Andy Bole
  • Kev Hegan
  • Mark Huxley
  • Dani Speakman
  • Greg McKella
  • Paul Woodwright
  • Bob Hedger
  • Jackie Juno {Conductress}