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cover art daevid allen
Australia Aquaria
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daevid's first solo album after a 7 year gap.

Also available on LP.

Originally released in 1990, this was daevid's first 'planned' solo album in 7 years, and it turned out to be one of his strongest. From the throughly heart-warming Gaia to the mysterious 'Voice of Om', and it's CD bonus track 'Voice of Om Dub', via guitar wig-outs and homages to love it's packed full of great tracks.

Tracks: [59'57]
  1. Gaia
  2. Peaceful Warrior
  3. Australia Aquaria
  4. She
  5. Slave Queen
  6. Voice of Om -
  7. Voice of Om Dub
  • daevid allen
  • Harry Willaimson
  • Rob Calvert
  • Bart Willoughby
  • Rob George
  • Marcus Ozric
  • Julie Waring
  • Jenny Rodger
  • Jacki Dankworth
  • Graham Clark
  • Conrad Henderson
  • Nimbin Silly Symphony