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cover art Kangaroo Moon
Between Two Worlds
Klangbad LC 02160 || 2002-04 || £11.49 USD  EUR  JPY  + p+p +tax

(Sorry, no longer available.)

A Celtic Planet Gong no less!

The introduction of new guitarist Jerry Bewley has resulted in a far more rocky feel for the Moonies. This wonderfully produced CD on Faust's Klangbad label sounds like a cross between Planet Gong/Here & Now put through the Kangaroo Moon filter (or the other way round?). It will surprise many ears and is a major style shift. One that that should happily encompass the musical preferences of devotees of Gong, Planet Gong, Here & Now as well as Kangaroo Moon.

But it's not just a full-on space rock-on. There are still some wonderfully evocative Mark Robson songs and melodies, some didgeridu and the odd celtic vibe, but these are all housed within an often driving, spacey-rock, funky bassed framework that is reminiscent of Planet Gong, only smoother (and with more time signature changes). In fact you could argue that Planet Gong's Allez Ali Baba track on Live Floating Anarchy 77 is one of the touchstones of this version of Kangaroo Moon.

And yet with all their influences proudly on display, Mark using synth swoops like a good 'un, Jerry glissing like a maniac and daevid guesting it is still totally and firmly a Kangaroo Moon album - simply the best and most complete one they have yet released - you will enjoy this!

Tracks: [61'33]
  1. Astral [6'07]
  2. Love Is [4'42]
  3. Market Space I [8'12]
  4. Cool and Calm and Bright [5'02]
  5. Surphing with Dr Morph [6'55]
  6. Olympus [4'43]
  7. Between Two Worlds [8'29]
  8. With Each Breath [4'41]
  9. Apache Rising [12'38]
  • Mark Robson {Didgeridu, piano, synth, whistles, vocals}
  • Matt Ledger {Percussion, drums}
  • Maurice Cernigoi {Bass Guitar}
  • Jerry Bewley {Electric and acoustic guitar, vocals}
  • daevid allen