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cover art Tim Blake
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The last copies of this CD are available only directly from Tim at moonweed.free.fr/

Originally released in the early 90's this CD marked Tim's return to releasing recordings after a gap of a dozen years. And as he writes in the booklet "This collection of songs and music, comes directly out of my private life, and were not written or recorded with public diffusion in mind..". But but despite - or becasuse) of that the the whole thing CD stand up very well as a album that deserved a release. THe mixture of personal songs and some Blake synth-magic make this a enjoyable album.

Tracks: [56'08]
  1. A Magick Circle [7'03]
  2. Tonight [6'37]
  3. The Strange Secret of Ohm-Glidding [12'16]
  4. A Return To Clouds [6'01]
  5. Waiting For Nati [8'34]
  6. A Dream [3'07]
  7. More Magick [7'38]
  8. With You [4'49]