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cover art Tim Blake
Caldea Music II
Synergy SRCD 55303 || £11.49 USD  EUR  JPY  + p+p +tax

Sorry no longer in stock - this CD is out of pressing. The music is available for download directly from Tim himself at Tim's download page. This page has been left posted for Gong family networking and discographical purposes.

Great Synth album.

A welcome new album of relaxing and invigorating synth sounds and music commissioned by the Caldea Centre in Andorra - a luxurious looking Spa with appropriately enough more than a touch of the 'Crystal City' about it's design (that's it's outline on the CD cover). It's Tim doing what he does so well with sequencers and synths (his notes even mention "getting the old EMS synths out of their cases").

As Tim himself continues in the liner notes, "…in the early days of synthesizer music, I don't think we were deliberately trying to make 'Relaxation' music. To the contrary, the tendance was to stimulate, mentally, where other music stimulates physically. As the years have gone by, I have felt myself further and further apart from these musical forms, rediscovering my original love of Rock Music and song. But there has always been a constant stream of demand - from the fan base and record companies - for me to look that way again - it was my visit to the Caldea, that convinced me it would be worth a try."

Well I think he has succeeded admirably and that all devotees of Tim's work will be more than happy with the result. In fact this CD may well be the album that people have desired (expected?) from him since his return to more regular recording.

Tracks: [53'27]
  1. Caldea [4'27]
  2. Floating [9'22]
  3. Om Beach [1'24]
  4. The Great Pool [19'43]
  5. Across the Sea of Dreams [4'51]
  6. Jacuzzi Surfing [9'06]
  7. Caldea II [4'34]
  • Tim Blake {Keyboards, Synths}
  • Christian Boulé {Gliss Guitar: 2}
  • Konan Mevel {Catalan Veuze and Celtic Flute: 7}