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cover art Brainville
The Children's Crusade
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Canterbury 'legends' make huge noise mit Krame.>

A unique beast of an album. Produced by Kramer, and recorded in New York in 1999. Extreme, electric, progressive, psychedelic jazz rock with a strange kinda 'pop' sensibility by four strong, musical personalities.

Fluid, treated, melodic bass by Hugh and Kramer (together sometimes!) with daevid's big chiming, heavily effected guitar and heavily treated vocals, encouraged and embroidered upon by Pip's intelligent drumming. An album that gives loads to digest and ponder, sometimes brilliant, sometimes…!?! It is by turns bizarrely beautiful and strangely dark.

Brainville is also the title of the first track on 'Sun Song' the first Sun Ra LP daevid got his hands on in Australia before he ever journeyed to Europe.

Tracks: [51'32]
  1. March of the Goodbyes [3'48] (Allen/Brainville)
  2. The Revenge of Spartactus [4'05] (Brainville)
  3. The Children's Crusade [3'15] (Kramer/Brainville)
  4. Alphaville Beach [7'52] (Brainville)
  5. Goodbye Mother Night [2'35] (Allen/Brainville)
  6. The Killing [4'15] (Brainville)
  7. Useless By Moonlight [1'21] (Kramer)
  8. The Fall of Colonel Kong [5'36] (Brainville)
  9. The Revenge of Clare Quilty [12'18] (Allen/Brainville)
  10. Brainville Eclipse [5'01] (Allen/Brainville)
  11. Merkin Muffley's Lament [1'22] (daevid allen)
  • daevid allen{Vocals, Guitars}
  • Hugh Hopper{Bass}
  • Kramer{Bass, Vocals}
  • Pip Pyle{Drums}