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cover art Clangers
Original Television Music : Vernon Elliot
Trunk Records SOUP001CD || £8.25 USD  EUR  JPY  + p+p +tax

Basically you either know all about the Clangers or you don't.

If you want to know more about the Clangers, try their website http://www.clangers.co.uk/

For those overseas who may not know what this is… The Clangers was a rather special series of stop-animation puppet programmes originally broadcast on the BBC. It is based around the adventures of a family of small pink knitted beings who lived on a tiny little planet far off in space. It was devised and made (in his garden shed basically) by Oliver Postgate, who became one of the inspirations behind Nick Park of Wallace and Gromit and Chicken Run fame.

Below are some of the notes from the booklet that accompanies the CD, I think they speak for themselves. It all sounds sort of strangely familiar (the Clangers were made and first broadcast on the BBC in 1969-71) so maybe Flying Teapots and brain to brain 'radio' communication was in the ethers!

Track 5: Another new flying machine! Made from musical notes and a cheese plant. It flies, but out of control around the cave. But once outside their new Music Boat flies beautifully.

Track 10: Tiny Changer's Radio Hat

Track 14: Teapots fall from space and crash onto the planet. When you want them to leave, just send one teapot off in a musical helicopter and all the rest will follow.

Track 15: The lonely cloud comes to Mother Clanger's party. Listen as the cloud disappears into the Froglets magic hat, then reappears somewhere else.

Track 18: Tiny Clanger is playing notes from the Music Tree and the Glowhoney flowers are singing along.

Track 20: Tiny Clanger uses his Blow Fruit Organ and plays the climatic 'Music of the Spheres' deep in space, accompanied here by all the heavenly bodies.

This CD is of some of the original music and strange sound effects used throughout the both series of the Clangers. I think it is gentle, magical, exciting and from a very different place altogether. It's simply great, rather quirky, melodic ambient music which changes the atmosphere of a room - a bit like the Seven Drones does - but completely different.

For children of all ages.

  1. Intro Music and Dialogue (Episope One)
  2. Music [excerpt]
  3. Visiting Friends [excerpt]
  4. Clangers running around the planet!
  5. Fishing [excerpt]
  6. Treasure [excerpt]
  7. Some useful musical sequences (Trees, Music Boat, various Clangers movements)
  8. Goods [excerpt]
  9. An End title
  10. Tiny Clanger's Radio Hat
  11. Special Clangers Effects including Froglets
  12. The Rock Collector [excerpt]
  13. Glowhoney [excerpt]
  14. Teapot [excerpt]
  15. Cloud [excerpt]
  16. The Seed [excerpt]
  17. The Bags [excerpt]
  18. Blow Fruit [excerpt]
  19. The Pipe Organ [excerpt]
  20. Music of the Spheres [excerpt]
  21. A Clangers Opera, Act One