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cover art Eat Static
Crash and Burn!
Mesmobeat MESMOCD3 || 2000 || £11.49 USD  EUR  JPY  + p+p +tax

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The incomparable Statics blaze their unique trail across the dance heavens with this strange, intriguing CD.

Samples and rhythms from everywhere… Deeply funky latin vibes, dub-space techno adventures from the weird-side and much more.

Features Steffe's guitar on tracks 1 and 8.

Tracks: [58'43]
  1. Crash and Burn![6'11]
  2. Love Truncheon[4'32]
  3. Holy War[8'53]
  4. Dervish Funk[7'02]
  5. Nocturnal Umbra[8'10]
  6. Mondo A Go-Go![5'06]
  7. The Curious Dr. Hump[3'02]
  8. Heaven Scent[8'16]
  9. Elixar[7'27]
  • Merv Pepler
  • Joie Hinton
  • Steve Everitt