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cover art Didier Malherbe
Tangram 852 492 || 1994 || £11.49 USD  EUR  JPY  + p+p +tax

(Sorry, no longer available.)

Water brought musically to life - brilliant.

An amazing musical journey based on the life cycle of water. From 'La Source' through it's babbling brook stage to waterfalls and the meandering grandure of a mature river. Then on to the ocean and eventual evaporation and 'Retour aux Sources'. This is a rich musical and life affirming suite of pieces that rewards repeated listenings.

Saying that a musical project of Didier's is excellent has almost become a cliché, but it's a cliché that I'm happy to repeat. Wonderful, great melodies, playful, experimental and totally and appropriately fluid. Captures all the various moods of the element perfectly.

Tracks: [51'39]
  1. La Source [4'40] (Didier Malherbe)
  2. Petit torrent deviendra grand [4'51] (L.Ehrlich)
  3. Pyxie-java [5'53] (Didier Malherbe)
  4. La Bougeotte [3'25] (L.Ehrlich)
  5. Broken Waves II [4'07] (Shyamal Maitra)
  6. Trashville [3'40] (Shyamal Maitra/Didier Malherbe/arr H. Angel)
  7. Serpent d'étoiles [6'47] (Didier Malherbe)
  8. Au moulin d'Andé [3'17] (H. Angel)
  9. Guaddalquivir [5'11] (H. Angel)
  10. La Mouette [4'06] (Didier Malherbe/arr L. Ehrlich)
  11. Blues de l'horizon [2'06] (Didier Malherbe/arr L. Ehrlich)
  12. Retour aux sources [3'34] (Didier Malherbe/arr H. Angel)
  • Didier Malherbe {Flûtes: en ut, alto, piccolo, bambous. Saxophones: sopranino, soprano, alto, ténor. Clarinette alto and grelots}
  • Henri Angel {Oud, sarod, guiterne, guitaire flamenca, rebec, piano préparé, bagues, t'bel}
  • Loy Ehrlich {Hajouj, bolong, kora,pianos, V.F.X., ASR10, percussions}
  • Shamal Maitra {Tablas, darbouka, ghatam, autre percussions}