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cover art Invisible Opera Co. of Tibet
Glissando Spirit
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Great Brazilian Invisibles Gong-like CD.

daevid has cited Fabio Golfetti (the prime mover of the Brazilian Invisibles) as being one of the most accomplished and sensitive glissando guitar players he knows. A very deeply Gong influenced CD by one of the family. You will recognise themes, textures and structures as being oh so Gong-like. The Gliss and some of Fabio's other guitar work is really often like listening to daevid playing.

If there ever was a Gong tribute band then half the members are already here.

Tracks: [72'05]
  1. Landing [4'43]
  2. Uluwatu [1'08]
  3. Electric Bird [6'21]
  4. Baliman-energy [7'54]
  5. Cosmic Dancer [4'38]
  6. Inner Voice [4'04]
  7. High Mountain Dance [3'17]
  8. Dreaming [5'33]
  9. Moon In The Sky [3'15]
  10. Mirage [4'25]
  11. Distant Shore [4'53]
  12. Stars Can Frighten You [3'15]
  13. 7 Keys [3'53]
  14. The Wizard's Garden [9'56]
  15. Eastside [4'41]
  • Fabio Golfetti {Guitars, Programming, Voice}
  • Renato Mello {Addtional Keyboards, Alto Sax}
  • Claudio Souza {Additional Drums}
  • May East {Voice, Bells}