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Rejoice! I'm Dead! CD
Snapper Records, Mad Fish SMACD1049 | 16.09.2016

The first post daevid allen Gong album is wonderful.

All that could be hoped for and more.

From the opening joyfully, proclamatory chord through the magnificent musical opus that is 'The Unspeakable Stands Revealed' to the uplifting, triumphant coda of the last track this is an exceptional Gong album.

It is vibrant with a deep Gongness, but with no hint of pastiche. It presents an new inspiring mix of high musical ability, creativity and focus. Despite david's absence it is without doubt - Gong.

The potentially difficult balancing act of being true to rich legacy of Gong, daevid and the memory of all that has been while not being weighed down by it, and at the same time as being true to themselves has not just been successfully accomplished by the band, it has been totally vaulted over with grace, style and engagement. I find it hard to imagine that they could have achieved it any more completely than they have - daevid would be over-joyed.

There are simply no weak tracks. After the 'flag-planting' opening track comes the celebratory 'Rejoice!' for our absent friend, the Floydian 'Kapital' and two ethereal cameo appearances by daevid himself. The last three tracks put me in mind of the second side of 'You' (yes, I think it is that that good) with the quality of musicanship, the engaging narrative and the 'inner' journey the band invite you to embark upon throughout the album.

I just cry at the end of the album each time I listen to it.

The sound quality is fantastic, it's a really well produced album. A triumph in every respect. Job most emphatically done.

The packaging for this regular CD edition is a didgi-pak format with annotated and illustrated booket.

Tracks: [59.41]
  1. The Thing That Should Be [3'34] (kavus torabi)
  2. Rejoice! [10'17] (daevid allen, kavus torabi)
  3. Kapital [3'21] (daevid allen)
  4. Model Village [6'43] (dave sturt)
  5. Beatrix [2'54]
  6. Visions [4'29] (Ian East, Fabio Golfetti, Cheb Nettles, Dave Sturt, Kavus Torabi)
  7. The Unspeakable Stands Revealed [11'49] (kabus torabi)
  8. Through Restless Seas I Come [6'58] (kavus torabi)
  9. Insert Yr Own Prophecy [9'36] (kavus torabi)
  • Dave Sturt: {bass, vocals}
  • Kavus Tobabi: {vocals, guitar}
  • Fabio Golfetti: {guitar, vocals}
  • Ian East: {sax, flute}
  • Cheb Nettles: {drums, vocals}
  • Graham Clark: {violin - 1}
  • Steve Hillage: {guitar solo - 2}
  • Didier Malherbe: {duduk - 4,7}
Production credits:
  • Engineered by Nick Howiantz and Gong at Brixton Hill Studios, London, Spring 2016.
  • Mixed by Mark Cawthra (Infallible Ear) and Dave Sturt (Swimming Head)