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The Universe Also Collapses (CD)
K Scope, KSCOPE2109 | 10.05.2019

Gong lives and with a mighty leap bounds over and beyond 'Rejoice I'm Dead!'

Of Gong but also new Gong - quite a trick.

Superb follow-up. Each listening reveals more and more.

For this Gong line-up in some ways this album was in effect the classically 'difficult' 2nd album of legend. How could they follow the movingly celebratory 'Rejoice I'm Dead!'. Could they match it's peaks, recorded as it was on a wave of focused emotion following daevid's death. Well they have done that and more.

The musical invention and the playing is fantastic throughout, as is the recording quality. There are wonderfully Camemberty bits, Canterbury bits, early Floydy bits, great slabby riffy bits, moiré pattern trippy bits, discordant bits, glissy, spacey bits...It's all in there, the themes, the influences, you will hear what you know, what they know, what we all know - but crucially the diverse influences, many and varied as they may be, are all distilled, mixed and essence-ised into something new and Gongish - Gong 2019.

Kavus speaks...Lyrically the album can be summed up with the phrase 'Remember there is only now', which was originally the working title! Everything is happening at once and always will be. There is only this and there is only now. This is both a statement about where the band is at, being part of the long Gong continuum but being here and now as Gong in 2019 but the birth and death of the universe too. The Big bang and the eventual collapse of the Universe and everything in between is all happeningin the same instant. In this very moment. Time is an illusion. All we have it this and it is beautiful."

Gatefold Didgi-pak.

Also available: 'The Universe Also Collapses' 180gsm Black Vinyl.

Tracks: [43'01]
  1. Forever Reoccurring [20'37] (K. Torabi, I. East, D. Sturt, C. Nettles)
  2. If Never I'm And Ever You [2'27] (K. Torabi, I. East, D. Sturt, C. Nettles)
  3. My Sawtooth Wake [13'14] (K. Torabi, I. East, D. Sturt, C. Nettles)
  4. The Elemental [6'43] (K. Torabi, I. East, D. Sturt, C. Nettles)
  • Dave Sturt: {bass, vocals}
  • Kavus Torabi: {vocals, guitar}
  • Fabio Golfetti: {guitar, vocals}
  • Ian East: {sax, flute}
  • Cheb Nettles: {drums, vocals}
Production credits:
  • Engineered and mixed by Frank Byng at Snorkel Studios in London.