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cover art Gongmaison
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Electro acoustic 'danceified' Gong.

Also on LP

Recorded in 1989 this was the first new 'Gong' named band after a 10 year gap. With original Gong band members daevid allen and Didier Malherbe plus Mother Gong's Harry Williamson it's a gently danced-up re-introduction to the Planet Gong, Flying Teapots and celebratory pixies within.

This CD has one track more than the LP - Flying T. Dance Mix. See also the 2004 daevid allen Gentle Genie compilation.

Note: Unfortunately, the only way the musicians will benefit in any way from sales of this release is if you buy it here - otherwise they can expect no royalties on sales or publishing.

Tracks: [55'42]
  1. Flying Teacup [5'25] (daevid allen)
  2. 1989 [4'22] (Harry Williamson)
  3. Titti-Caca [10'10] (daevid allen) -
  4. Tablas Logorythmique [1'10] (Shyamal Maitra)
  5. Negotiate [13'45] (daevid allen)
  6. We Circle Around [4'58] (Traditional)
  7. Flying T. Dance Mix [15'49] (daevid allen)
  • daevid allen {Song sing string strum and plectrum}
  • Didier Bloomdido Malherbe {High wind instruments}
  • Uncle Harry Williamson {Kitchen synth and ingenius also voices and Gitbox on 1989 and Vocal arrangement on 5}
  • Shyamal Maitra {Tablas, Octopussy, Precolation and comments}
  • Graham Clark {Violin, second violin, third violin, etc, etc}
  • Wandana Bruce {Singing on 1,3,5 and 6 and Harmonium yum}
  • Conrad Henderson {Kubicki factor fretted Bassguitar}
  • Jenni Roger {Vocal on 6, backing vocals on 5}
  • Rob George {Cymbalwork on 5}