planet gong bazaar

Voiceprint VP350CD | 2005-01-26

Totally fresh Orlando re-mastering - almost like a new album.

Sonically a complete overhaul has taken place here - to the extent that you sometimes wonder if a few overdubs have not been sneaked it here and there (I don't think they eally have). Orlando Allen has done quite a number on this album, brinnging all his experience in the dance field to bear. The crucial strong points of the original have all been enhanced, the wonderful fluid playing of violinist Graham Clark and Didier's musical magic on the acoustic tracks and a newly revealed deep richness of the Shamal/Rob Henderson rhythm section on the more full blooded tracks.

When originally released this was the first new album by a 'Gong' named band for 10 years. It was planned as a sometimes acoustic, sometimes danced-up re-introduction to the Planet Gong, Flying Teapots, celebratory pixies, and well celebration in general. Well it's all that and more now. Perhaps the best sounding re-master Orlando has done to date of the old Demi-Monde releases. If this was one of your favourites, then it's a must.

Tracks: [55'42]
  1. Flying Teacup [5'25] (daevid allen) -
  2. 1989 [4'22] (Harry Williamson)
  3. Titti-Caca [10'10] (daevid allen)
  4. Tablas Logorythmique [1'10] (Shamal Maitra)
  5. Negotiate [13'45] (daevid allen)
  6. We Circle Around [4'58] (Traditional)
  7. Flying T. Dance Mix [15'49] (daevid allen) -
  • daevid allen {Song sing string strum and plectrum}
  • Didier Bloomdido Malherbe {High wind instruments}
  • Uncle Harry Williamson {Kitchen synth and ingenius, also voices and Gitbox on 1989 and Vocal arrangement on 5}
  • Shamal Maitra {Tablas, Octopussy, Precolation and comments}
  • Graham Clark {Violin, second violin, third violin, etc, etc}
  • Wandana Bruce {Singing on 1,3,5 and 6 and Harmonium yum}
  • Conrad Henderson {Kubicki factor fretted Bassguitar}
  • Jenni Roger {Vocal on 6, backing vocals on 5}
  • Rob George {Cymbalwork on 5}