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cover art Guru & Zero
Makoto Mango
Swordfish GURU CD 1 || £10.64 USD  EUR  JPY  + p+p +tax

(Sorry, all gone.)

Deep-space aspect of Gong brought up to date - a complete trip!

Although Guru & Zero are daevid with Cotton Casino and Makota Kawabata of the Acid Mothers Temple, both of whom also appear alongside daevid on the Gong album 'Acidmotherhood', this CD is completely unlike that altogether. Any of you who had difficulty placing Cotton and Makoto energetically within Gong on just the evidence of the Royal Festival Hall concert and the 'Acidmotherhood' album will almost certainly be struck by a lightening bolt of realisation and understanding upon hearing this CD.

A few years ago I might have described this CD as 'ambient-like', but really that is an overused, catch-all term that means less and less with the passing of time. The territory we are treading here is much more akin to the minimalism of Steve Reich or Phillip Glass, although there is so much going on all the time I hesitate to use that tag. The album also has definite reverberations of both daevid's '22 Meanings' and 'Seven Drones' so any lover of those two works will be mightily pleased with what is on display here.

Tracks: [48'00]
  1. Kawabata Biodynamique [48'00] -
  • daevid allen {Glissando and Electric Guitars, Vocals}
  • Cotton Casino {Synths, Voices}
  • Makoto Kawabata {Electric Guitar}