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cover art Hadouk
Naive NV 809411 || 2006-05 || £11.49 USD  EUR  JPY  + p+p +tax

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The latest Hadouk CD.

Gorgeous melodic music by Gong's master musician and the Hadouk Trio. What do you expect I'm going to say? Hadouk make a bad CD? - Impossible. This is calm, cool and bright as a button at the same time. Cool majestic jazz roots peak through, yet at other times they produce organic sounds that knock most synth'd 'noises' into a cocked hat. Their music is ecoming more ethereal, melting into the essence of things. Mature, rich music made by mature musicians. And not a saxophone in sight. Is there a more subtle percussionist than Steve Shehan? Ah sod it, it's just brilliant. Didier's melodic life journey continues.

Tracks: [57'21]
  1. Suave Corridor [5'49] (Ehrlich/Malherbe) -
  2. Baldamore [4'54] (Ehrlich/Malherbe)
  3. Brasero des soucis [6'46] (Ehrlich/Malherbe)
  4. Gardien de la nuit [2'11] (Ehrlich/Malherbe/Shehan)
  5. Idalie [5'09] (Ehrlich/Malherbe)
  6. Centaurea [5'05] (Shehan)
  7. Toupie tambour [3'38] (Ehrlich/Malherbe/Shehan)
  8. Clef des brumes [4'42] (Ehrlich/Malherbe)
  9. Toupie valse [7'33] (Ehrlich/Malherbe)
  10. Hijaz [4'59] (Shehan)
  11. Parasol blanc 1 [2'57] (Ehrlich/Malherbe/Hassell)
  12. Parasol blanc 2 [3'28] (Ehrlich/Malherbe/Hassell)
  • Didier Malherbe {Doudouk, Bigoul, Flutes, Khen, Toupies, Zeff, Ocarina}
  • Loy Ehrlich {Gumbass, Hajouj, Kora, Awicha, Claviers}
  • Steve Shehan {Djembé, Congas, Toms, Derboukas, Shakers, Calebasse, Waterphone, Cajonga, Daf, Hang, Handsonic, Cymbals, Cloches, Archets}
  • Jon Hassell {Trumpet on 10, 11, 12}