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cover art Steve Hillage Band
Live at Deeply Vale '78 2 CD
OZITCD781 || 2004-05-31 || £12.50 USD  EUR  JPY  + p+p +tax

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Double CD of live '78 mixing desk recordings.

An unexpected surprise release for all the Steve aficionados among us. My initial response is - excellent performance by a band in top form - Steve in particular is sparkling. The quieter passages have a bit of hiss but this is more than compensated for by the playing. More thoughts as it all sinks in…

But don't just take my word for it. In a recent e-mail Bob H said, "I'm listening to the CD as I type and it takes me back to all those Hillage band concerts in the '70s. I've got a couple of tapes from various gig's Glasto 79, the Open tour, the Green tour and the Live Herald tour but this Deeply Vale set is out of this world. Steve in particular is really stretching out as I remembered him doing but had no audio evidence. I began to think that my memory was at fault. Keep up the good work".

Thank Chris Hewitt's (Ozit-Morpheus Records) dedication to the Deeply Vale festivals, of which he was a prime mover, for getting this one together.

Disc 2, tracks 5-8 (the bonus tracks) are ambient audience recordings of the early part of the group's set.

Tracks: Disc 1: [63'16]
  1. On stage announcement from DJ at Deeply Vale/Saucer Surfing [7'50] (Hillage/Giraudy) -
  2. Searching for the Spark [10'29] (Hillage/Giraudy)
  3. Octave Doctors [4'26] (Hillage/Giraudy)
  4. Salmon Song [10'16] (Hillage/Giraudy)
  5. Crystal City [5'00] (Hillage/Giraudy)
  6. Motavation Radio [7'32] (Hillage/Giraudy)
  7. Palm Trees (Love Guitar) [5'21] (Hillage/Giraudy)
  8. Light in the Sky [5'14] (Hillage/Giraudy) -
  9. Hurdy Gurdy Man [7'08] (Donovan P. Leitch)
Disc 2: [67'25]
  1. Lunar Musick Suite [3'59] (Hillage/Giraudy)
  2. Sun Song (Reprise) [1'29] (Hillage/Giraudy)
  3. Activation Meditation [4'11] (Hillage/Giraudy)
  4. Glorious Om Riff [4'55] (C.O.I.T./Hillage) -
  5. Saucer Surfing [7'25] (Hillage/Giraudy)
  6. Searching for the Spark [10'23] (Hillage/Giraudy)
  7. Octave Doctors [4'25] (Hillage/Giraudy)
  8. Salmon Song [9'21] (Hillage/Giraudy)
  9. Babylon's Burning/The Ruts : Some Deeply Vale Festival on stage announcements [3'56]
  10. The Jester/Tractor : More Deeply Vale background sounds [4'46]
  11. Tractor : Argument For One [6'55]
  12. Tractor : Deeply Vale/ Bring What You Expect To Find [5'40]
Personnel - Steve Hillage Band:
  • Steve Hillage {Electric and acoustic guitars, gliss guitar, vocals, keyboards}
  • Miquette Giraudy {Synths, vocals}
  • Christian Boulé {Guitar, gliss guitar}
  • John Mackenzie {Bass, vocals}
  • Andy Anderson {Drums}