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cover art Steve Hillage
Fish Rising
Virgin CDVR2031 || 2007-01-15 (1975) || £10.64 USD  EUR  JPY  + p+p +tax

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"Far out, nearer in and back to where we are!" …Steve's first 'solo' album re-mastered and with two bonus tracks.

Supported by just about the entire Gong band of the time. My number one desert island disc, life defining for me and many others. More soon…

The two bonus tracks are a wonderful new Steve 2006 remix of 'Pentagrammaspin' (the original appeared on the Virgin double LP 'V' sampler in 1975) which uses the original master tapes and remains true to the intention of the original while improving it greatly, and the previously unreleased 'Power Trio' backing track of 'Aftaglid' - the power trio being Steve, Mike Howlett and the much missed Pierre Moerlen.

With a 16 page illustrated booklet with liner notes by Mark Powell with loads of input from Steve himself.

Tracks: [62'28]
  1. Solar Music Suite [16'55]
  2. Sun Song (I Love It's Holy Mystery)
  3. Canterbury Sunrise
  4. Hiram Afterglid Meets the Dervish
  5. Sun Song (Reprise)
  6. Fish [1'23]
  7. Meditation of the Snake [3'10]
  8. The Salmon Song [8'45]
    1. Salmon Pool
    2. Solomon's Atlantis Salmon
    3. Swimming with the Salmon
    4. King of the Fishes
  9. Aftaglid [14'46]
    1. Sun Moon Surfing
    2. The Great Wave and the Boat of Hermes
    3. The Silver Ladder
    4. Astral Meadows
    5. The Lafta Yoga Song
    6. Glidding
    7. The Golden Vibe/Outglid
Bonus tracks:
  1. Pentagrammaspin [7'46] (2006 Remix)
  2. Aftaglid [13'00] (Original 'Power Trio' backing track)
  • Steve Hillage {Guitar, Vocals}
  • Pierre Moerlen {Drums, Percussion}
  • Dave Stewart {Keyboards}
  • Mike Howlett {Bass}
  • Lindsay Cooper {Bassoon}
  • Moonweed {Synths}
  • Blomdido Glid De Breeze {Saxes, Flutes}
  • Bambaloni Yogi {Vocals}
Bonus track 'Power Trio' Personnel:
  • Steve Hillage {Guitar}
  • Mike Howlett {Bass}
  • Pierre Moerlen {Drums}