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cover art Steve Hillage Band
Live at the Gong Family Unconvention
G-Wave GWVP101CD || 2008 || £9.36 USD  EUR  JPY  + p+p +tax

Magical return at the big Family Gathering in Amsterdam

The SHB fly once more

If you were there I imagine that the high emotive atmosphere in the room during the Steve Hillage Band set at the Unconvention in 2006 will be a memory which will live with you forever, I know it will with me. After all we were taking part in the first live performance by the Steve Hillage Band since 1979. En masse every hair on the back of every neck stood up. Re-discover, re-member, re-live - or discover it all for the first time.

If that were not enough the 'bonus' tracks are all also rather super slices of sonic specialness as well.

Tracks: Live at the Gong Family Unconvention, The Melkweg, Amsterdam. November 2006
  1. Hello Dawn
  2. It's All Too Much
  3. Aftaglid
  4. Solar Musick Suite Part 1
  5. The Salmon Song
  6. These Uncharted Lands
Bonus tracks: Live at the Sonesta Koelkerk, Amsterdam. December 14th 1979
  • Palm Trees
  • Unzipping the Zype
  • Healing Feeling
Bonus track: Live with Gong at Hammersmith Palais, London. October 6th 1974
  • Solar Musick Suite (early version)
2006 Unconvention SH Band Personnel:
  • Steve Hillage {Guitar, Vocals}
  • Miquette Giraudy {Synths, Vocals}
  • Mike Howlett {Bass}
  • Chris Taylor {Drums, Vocals}
  • Basil Brooks {Additional synthesisers}
1979 Sonesta Koelkerk SH Band Personnel:
  • Steve Hillage {Guitar, Vocals}
  • Miquette Giraudy {Synthesisers, Vocals}
  • Paul Francis {Bass}
  • Andy Anderson {Drums}
  • Dave Stewart {Rhythm Guitar}
1974 Hammersmith Palais Gong Band Personnel:
  • Steve Hillage {Guitar, Vocals}
  • Miquette Giraudy {Vocals}
  • daevid allen {Vocals}
  • Mike Howlett {Bass}
  • Didier Malherbe {Saxes}
  • Tim Blake {Synthesisers}
  • Laurie Allen {Drums}