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InVerse Gravity Vehicle
…Amongst The Pigeons
Levity Disc || 2009-02-08 || £10.64 USD  EUR  JPY  + p+p +tax

(Sorry, all gone.)

Deborah Knights, Jwa (Joie Hinton), Prof. J.R.R. Searl and friends return

I was going to give this release the tag-line, 'The return of El trío excéntrico - now with added cat', but that actually is a bit too flippant for what we have here. Yes there is the marvelous musical inter-dimensionality of their first release InVerse Gravity Vehicle, with Jwa's soundscapes and Deborah's songs mixed in with the wit, wisdom and sometimes just pure odd sonic quality of Prof Searl's voice, but there also is a depth of musical creativity here that playfully hides it's light behind the rather crazy veneer.

The music is as eclectic and out-there as the first album, perhaps a trifle too out-there for some palettes, but it's right where Joie and Deborah are 'at' and is a true and accurate portrait of what they are all about right now - and you can't really ask for anymore than that from an artist, or indeed yourself. There is currently a thread in the planetgong Forum asking, 'Do Aliens Walk Amoung Us?' The answer of course is yes, we are those aliens and this is part of our soundtrack.

Friends include Here & Now-ers Keith the Bass and Steffe, Eat Static's Merv, the Ozric's Ed, Space Pirate Will and the bag-piping Craig (Haggis). Oh yes, everyone is along for the trip including Star Rider the cat. As with the first Inverse Gravity CD just 100 copies have been pressed for now. I would think these are destined to be unique little 'in at the ground floor' gems one day when this music gains a wider audience and larger pressings - which I feel is sure happen.

The InVerse Gravity Vehicle web-site (where you can also buy this release) has an embedded You Tube track from the CD, albeit the most experimentally ambient track on the album.

  1. Amongst The Pigeons
  2. Predator
  3. Everstrum
  4. Devine Desire
  5. Pansappho
  6. Learn By The Heart of the Rhythm
  7. Speed of Light, Why Pay For It?
  8. Bad Aliens
  9. The Never Darkness
  • Deborah Knights
  • Jwa (Joie Hinton)
  • starring Prof. J.R.R. Searl
  • Will Greenwood {1, 4, 9}
  • Keith 'the Missile Bass' Bailey {bass: 2, 6}
  • Ed Wynne {guitar: 1, 2}
  • Merve Pepler {1}
  • Steffe Sharpstrings {all instruments: 3}
  • Howard Green {4}
  • Craig McFarlaine {8}
  • Star Rider {vocals: 7}