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artwork daevid allen Magick Brothers
Live in San Francisco
Gonzo Multimedia HST089CD | 21.1.2013

(Sorry, all gone.)

Wonderful music from the deepest archives + bonus DVD

daevid allen, Mark Robson and Graham Clark recorded live at the The Kennel Club, San Francisco on 3rd March 1992. A first listen makes me think that this may well be the best of the three live Magick Brother CDs released to date. More soon.

The bonus DVD is a reasonable if a of middling quality. Despite being a multi-camera shoot the film was not really designed for mainstream release, but as a little extra to the CD it's a fine addition. The pretty Light Projections were by Stefan.

Housed in a thick double tray jewel-case, without a booklet.

Tracks: [79'47]
  1. Audience Invocation [2'17"] (Magick Brothers)
  2. Zero Theme [4'01"] 1'04" | 1Mb (D. Allen)
  3. Why Do We Treat Ourselves? [5'25"] (D. Allen)
  4. I Am My Own Roadie [3'19"] (D. Allen)
  5. Herbaceous Border [5'43"] 1'02" | 984kb (M. Robson)
  6. Have You Seen My Friend? [4'24"] 0'59" | 940kb (D. Allen)
  7. I Am….. [10'29"] 1'27" | 1.3Mb (D. Allen)
  8. Wayland Smithy [6'15"] (M. Robson)
  9. There Is No Death [9'08"] 1'02" | 984kb (D. Allen)
  10. Wise Man In Your Heart [9'51"] 0'52" | 828kb (D. Allen)
  11. Violin Interlude [3'37"] (G. Clark)
  12. Magick Brother [5'25"] 1'01" | 964kb (D. Allen)
  13. Om One (instrumental) [2'51"] (Magick Brothers)
  14. Om Two With Friends [3'37"] (Magick Brothers)
  15. The Finale - Back To Reality! [3'31"] (Magick Brothers)
  • daevid allen {voice, guitar, gliss-guitar}
  • Mark Robson {voice, keyboards, didgeridoo, whistles}
  • Graham Clark {violin}