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cover art Rachid Taha
Made in Medina
ARKCD1006 || £12.50 USD  EUR  JPY  + p+p +tax

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Stunning, huge; Rachid Taha with Steve Hillage.

As they do, the record label have put a sticker on the front of this CD with best bits of reviews…

"the biggest, beatest, dirtiest album in the entire history of world music… unlikely to bettered this year" - Mojo

"thrilling… magnificently produced… the heaviest riffs you've heard since Zep's Kashmir" - Uncut
"the rock, dance and world album by which the rest of the year can be judged. A seriously fantastic album" - Time Out

All fine and well but… if you don't like North African rhythms, Led Zep, the 'Hillage' beat, the occasional Dub sensibility, unique off the wall dance ideas (dance music in total in fact), lyrics (mostly) in a foreign language (except if you're French, or Arabic of course then it's not foreign is it), Rachid's personal and political world-view (which is seems pretty right-on, heart-centred and empoweringly confrontational), Steve's guitar playing (now, not 3 decades ago) and his unique production in general… then you're going to absolutely hate this CD and should under no circumstances buy it.

But for me the track 'Barra Barra' is one of the musical highlights of the year so far.

Tracks: [63'57]
  1. Barra Barra [5.48] (Rachid Taha/Hillage)
  2. Foqt Foqt [6.10] (Rachid Taha/Hillage)
  3. Medina Album Version [5.39] (Rachid Taha/Hillage)
  4. Ala Jalkoum [4.55] (Kuti/Hillage)
  5. Aie Aie Aie [6.30] (Rachid Taha/Hillage)
  6. Hey Anta [4.30] (Rachid Taha)
  7. Qalantiqa [5'35] (Rachid Taha)
  8. En Retard [4.56] (Rachid Taha)
  9. Verite [6.06] (Rachid Taha)
  10. Ho Cherie Cherie [5.30] (Rachid Taha/Hillage)
  11. Garab [8.19] (Rachid Taha)
  • Rachid Taha {Vocals}
  • Steve Hillage {Programming, Guitar; Producer, Arranger)}
  • Hossam Ramzy {Egyptian Percussion}
  • Stanton Moore {Live Drums}
  • Robert Mercurio {Bass}
  • Jeff Gaines {Guitar}
  • Rich Vogel {Keyboards}
  • Hassan Lachal {Mahgrebian Percussion}
  • Hakin Hamadduche {Mandolute, Backing Vocal}
  • Magid Serdur {Qanun}
  • B'Net Marrakesh {Female Vocals, Percussion}
  • Bob Loveday {Violin}
  • Geoff Richardson {Viola}
  • Helen Liebmann {Cello}
  • Mahmoud Serour {Violin}
  • Djilali Bendriss {Gasbar}
  • Jean-Max Mery {Additional Keyboards}
  • Abdel Abrit {Live Drums}