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Money Doesn't Make It
InnerSPACE 7707 || 1999-07-25 || £10.64 USD  EUR  JPY  + p+p +tax

Sorry - Out of print.

Mantric/grungy psychedelic guitar-based US band.

daevid's first U.S.A.-based band since New York Gong. He has gathered around himself a group of musicians eager to push the boundaries and jam albums into being in a quite stunning manner. The result is that Money Doesn't Make It is a jewel in the New York Gong styled crown, the truculent teenager of the Gong family, all wild psychedelic guitar, attitude and jive talk; a great CD.

Tracks: [44'09]
  1. Money Doesn't Make It
  2. Prince of Sidewalk Scooter
  3. False Teacher
  4. Involve Me
  5. Mullimbimby Mother
  6. Submarine of Salt
  7. Prof. Improbable's Preamble
  8. Cunning Style Construct
  9. Talkwind Upswerve
  10. Wedding Music
  11. Burn Your Money
  12. Can't Buy Me Sex
  • daevid allen {Vocals, Guitars}
  • Josh Pollock {Guitar}
  • Michael Clare {Bass}
  • Pat Thomas {Drums, Percussion}
  • Jay Radford {Guest Guitar}