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cover art Gilli Smyth
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'Hidden' gem of a Gong Family album.

Superb 1978 'solo' album by Gong's Gilli Smyth. A wonderful psychedelic, spacey innvocation of motherhood, an examination of gender roles and reincarnation all wrapped in sensuous sound collages and humourous songs. Some of the music is provided by backing tracks of Gong as well as an array of guest musicians. Produced by sound cut-up mystro himself, daevid allen. One of the great 'hidden' Gong Family albums.

Note: Unfortunately, the only way the musicians will benefit in any way from sales of this release is if you buy it here - otherwise they can expect no royalties on sales or publishing.

Tracks: [41'58]
  1. I Am a Fool
  2. Back to the Womb
  3. Mother
  4. Shakti Yoni
  5. Keep the Children Free
  6. Prostitute Poem, Street Version
  7. O.K. Man, This is Your World
  8. Next Time Ragtime
  9. Time of the Goddess
  10. Taliesin
  • Gilli Smyth
  • daevid allen
  • Vera Blum
  • Rafel Aguilo
  • Tony Pascual
  • Didier Malherbe
  • Christian Tristch
  • Pip Pyle
  • Pepe Milan
  • Juan Bibiloni
  • Sam Gopal
  • Martin Tallents