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cover art Mother Gong/daevid allen
The Owl and the Tree
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Enchanting joint electro-acoustic project.

Also on LP

Originally released on vinyl in 1990 with one side by Mother Gong and the other by daevid. Recorded at the same time as daevid's 'Australia Aquaria' album it has a similar feel. But with obviously a stronger presence, Mother Gong's jazz based rock and intelligently melodic music dominates. The CD has one more track than the vinyl version.

Tracks: [49'05]
  1. I am a Tree
  2. Lament for the future of the Forest
  3. Hands
  4. Unseen Ally
  5. La Dea Madri
  6. The Owly Song -
  7. I am my Own Lover
  8. Tudor Love Poem
  • daevid allen {Vocal, Glissando and Acoustic Guitars}
  • Gilli Smyth {Speaking Voice and Spacewhisper and Stillness}
  • Harry Williamson {Everything imaginable plus synthi's, keyboards, vocals, craziness}
  • Rob Calvert {Breathing into Microphones and Saxophones and Ears}
  • Rob George {Thinking Time with spaces, silences, Drumbatter and Percussions}
  • Fretless Fred (Conrad Henderson) {Bass Guitar, No fretting, No Worries, No wacking furries}
  • Tim Ayers {Bass Guitar Quicksilver}
  • Wandana Arrowheart {Hugs sparks and Owl's Harmonium}
  • Georgia {Torchy Freesong and Soulsinging}